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September 2014

Lawsuit Alleges Funeral Home Buried Deceased Sister on Top of Husband’s Remains, Concealed Mistake.

By | Feature Story, Las Vegas, Nevada, News, Personal Injury Blog

Sandra Magro filed suit against Davis Funeral Home and Alderwods Cemetery in Clark County district court on September 15 claiming that the defendants buried her sister atop Magro’s husband’s remains, then concealed the error. Magro purchased three adjacent plots in the Paradise Memorial Gardens Cemetery long ago, intending to have Magro and her husband share a plot with mother and…

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TMJ Injuries and Car Accidents.

By | Car Accidents

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is basically that hinge where your jaw connects to the skull. It is extremely flexible, allowing for motion up and down as well as side to side. You can locate it easily by placing your fingers directly in front of your ears. Open and close your jaw and you’ll feel the TMJ in action. Your temporomandibular…

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Dichotomy in Vehicular Homicide Cases Highlights Unjust Laws Favoring Police Over Ordinary Citizens

By | Bighorn Has Your Back, Commentary, News

Recently, two cases involving distracted driving where each of the drivers killed another person have resulted in very different outcomes. This is because one driver was a police officer and the driver was an ordinary citizen.   In the first case, a young woman faces jail time for killing another woman because she was surfing Facebook while driving.   However, a police…

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Your Guide to Personal Injury in Nevada

By | Bighorn Has Your Back, Nevada, Personal Injury Blog

Like other states, Nevada has specific statutes that govern personal injury lawsuits and insurance settlements.  This article discusses a few of the laws that may impact your case.  If you have been injured in Nevada, please contact us at 702-333-1111 or so we can evaluate your case. Statute of Limitations Generally in Nevada you have two years after the…

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Tesla Plans to Build Battery Plant in Nevada But Faces Legal Challenges Over Sales

By | Bighorn Has Your Back, Commentary, Nevada

Today, Tesla, the high-end electric car company, announced that it would build a $5 billion lithium battery factory near Reno to produce batteries for its electric cars.  Nevada beat out four other states, California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, for the opportunity to host the plant.  The plant is expected to provide 6,500 jobs which will be a big boost…

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