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October 2014

Mick Rusing and Ryan Anderson Win Landmark Case For Workers’ Rights.

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UNANIMOUS DECISION BY NEVADA SUPREME COURT RULES DANCERS AS CLUB EMPLOYEES Bighorn Law Wins Ruling In Class-Action Suit On Behalf of 6500 Nevada Dancers Clark County District Court to Rule on Amount of Judgement  October 30, 2014…Las Vegas, NV… Today, the Nevada Supreme Court reversed an earlier decision by the district court and ruled that dancers qualify as employees and are thus…

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personal injury car accident

Is Uninsured Motorist Insurance Coverage Necessary?

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Automobile insurance coverage is mandatory in almost all states in the US!  This is not a news flash, everyone who drives a vehicle knows that they must be covered for liability should there be an accident.  The laws in most states require “minimum” coverage insurance that would pay for damages to body and property that you might cause to someone…

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crib safety recalls

What to Know about Crib Safety and Recalls

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Each year, thousands of infants are injured as the result of defective cribs. The federal Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that over 11 million play sets, bassinets, and cribs have been recalled since 2007. What is a Product Recall? A product recall happens when the federal government publicly announces that a product is harmful. In most recalls, the product…

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wrongful-death bullying case in henderson

Wrongful-Death Lawsuit in Henderson: The Connection Between Bullying and Child Suicide

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On December 12, 2013, Hailee Lamberth sent a text message to her parents in the early afternoon to share her excitement for being awarded math student of the month. It was just two hours later that Hailee’s family found her dead in their home in Henderson. Along with a suicide note, Hailee’s father and her 6-year-old brother found that she…

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proving liability police investigation

How to Prove Liability When Las Vegas Police Don’t Investigate the Accident

By | Car Accidents, Personal Injury Blog

In Nevada, where tort rules govern, the insurance companies must know who was at fault in the accident in order to determine who should pay the insurance claims. In some situations, this is relatively straight forward. For example, if you hit or damage a parked car, it is relatively obvious that your insurance company is supposed to pay for the…

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distracting driving personal injury attorney

Distracted Driving and Insurance

By | Car Accidents, Personal Injury Blog

Distracted driving is driving while simultaneously engaging in ANY activity that could take some or all of the driver’s attention away from the primary task of driving. It is a given in legal theory that distracted driving endangers the health and safety of not only the driver but the passengers, other drivers and innocent bystanders. These are a few of…

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common errors made by doctors

Common Errors Made by Doctors

By | Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury Blog

Fortunately, most doctors and nurses do not make mistakes when it comes to diagnosing and treating patients. However, mistakes do happen and sometimes these mistakes can result in serious injury or even death. Medical malpractice is defined as the negligence by a health care provider, by action or failure to act, leading to injury to death. Medical treatment must be…

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