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December 2014

Las Vegas Immigration Attorneys

Immigration and You

By | News

Immigration is a hot topic in the news and at the water coolers of America. President Obama just recently announced sweeping changes to immigration policy through the issuance of Executive Orders. These orders may or may not be effectuated depending on the Courts and Congress, who threaten to file a lawsuit prohibiting the executive branch from implementing the President’s plans….

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alcohol las vegas personal injury attorneys

Alcohol Liability in Nevada

By | Nevada, Personal Injury Blog

Nevada is one of only a handful of states in the US that does not have a statutory Alcohol Liability Law that covers all persons who might become intoxicated at an establishment licensed to serve alcohol. This is an important issue to understand in Nevada as there are daily news stories documenting a serious car accident related to alcohol consumption….

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las vegas personal injury attorneys

Toys for Tickets 2014 – It Was A Hit!

By | Uncategorized

On Saturday, December 20th, we hosted our Toys for Tickets event at our Eastern and Stewart Avenue location – and it was a huge success! Overall, we had around 1000 people attend – we could not be happier with the extraordinary turnout. This time of the year is all about giving back and that’s exactly what Toys for Tickets is…

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concussions las vegas personal injury attorneys

Concussions in Sports Lead to Civil Court Actions

By | Personal Injury Blog

There have been many recent news reports about concussion injuries suffered by current and former football players. These reports have prompted a spate of legal battles currently in state and federal courts. The NFL, for example, is defending against a class action lawsuit that could cost billions of dollars to settle with its players union. The NCAA is defending against…

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accident las vegas personal injury attorneys

What to Do If You’re a Pedestrian Accident Victim

By | Car Accidents, Personal Injury Blog

On November 26th, three children were struck by a vehicle near Bonanza and Bruce in Las Vegas. Luckily for all individuals and families involved, the three children sustained no life-threatening injuries and are expected to recover after being taken to University Medical Center. Thankfully, this accident resulted in no serious injuries or deaths, but pedestrian-vehicle accidents are often the most…

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las vegas wrongful death attorneys

Helicopter Tragedy Highlights Nevada Wrongful Death Law

By | Personal Injury Blog, Wrongful Death

The high profile wrongful death case involving a Nevada helicopter crash from 2011 finally came to a close earlier this year. According to the Insurance Journal, a jury found that the helicopter company’s negligence had caused the crash and awarded the four families a sum of $16 million. Although these types of situations are always extremely difficult and tragic, wrongful…

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accident las vegas personal injury attorneys

What to Do After an Accident Involving a Pedestrian

By | Car Accidents, Insurance Companies, Personal Injury Blog

Rates of pedestrian-vehicle accidents are increasing in Las Vegas and other parts of the country. Although you should always do everything you can to avoid such an accident, you must also be prepared if you accidentally become involved in one. Pedestrian-vehicle accidents can be terrifying events for both parties, and as the driver, you must remain calm, so that you…

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visas las vegas immigration attorneys

How Has the Obama Work Visa DACA Program Changed?

By | Laws, News

On November 20th, President Obama announced new executive actions on immigration. For those of you who are familiar with the Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA), these new actions are basically an expansion of that program. It is important to understand exactly what these new changes will do because millions of immigrants are now eligible for work permits and temporary…

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Can You Sue Because of a Defective Airbag?

By | Car Accidents, Personal Injury Blog, Traffic & Accidents

In a word, yes. Yes, you can. Product liability lawsuits for Takata airbags are increasing across the country. Although a nationwide recall has not yet been issued, injuries and even fatalities continue to increase for drivers whose cars had faulty airbags installed. According to, three deaths this year have already been attributed to Takata airbags, which are sometimes found…

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