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January 2015

slip and fall las vegas personal injury attorneys

Slip and Fall Accidents: Premises Liability

By | Personal Injury Blog

In Nevada, and especially Las Vegas, slip and fall accidents are quite common. After an accident, if the individual suffered serious injuries and thinks someone else was at fault, he can bring a personal injury suit against the owner or occupier of the property. This is based on premises liability which holds that owners and occupiers of property have a…

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day care injury las vegas personal injury attorneys

Was Your Child Injured at a Day Care Facility?

By | Personal Injury Blog

Every day we entrust our children to day care facilities to watch over them while we work. Though most do the best job they can, accidents happen, and there’s nothing worse than getting a call and finding out that your child has been injured. In certain situations, the facility itself might be responsible, and therefore liable, for the injury. If…

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misdiagnosis las vegas personal injury attorneys

Were You Misdiagnosed by Your Doctor?

By | Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury Blog

Missed diagnoses and delayed diagnoses are the major cause of medical malpractice in America. According to the Washington Post, missed diagnoses and delayed diagnoses account for almost 30 percent of successful malpractice claims and 35 percent of all money paid out. In many cases, a missed diagnosis can contribute to death, specifically when the patient is suffering from cancer, heart…

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machine injury las vegas personal injury attorneys

Were You Injured by a Machine at Work?

By | Personal Injury Blog

As you may know, whenever you are seriously injured at work, you can apply for workers compensation and get compensation for your injury. This is available no matter who was at fault for the accident, even if the accident was your fault. Workers can be confident that they will receive a portion of their wages and compensation for their medical…

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insurance las vegas personal injury attorneys

What is Subrogation?

By | Insurance Companies, Personal Injury Blog

Subrogation refers to the situation when a party pays a bill on behalf of an individual who is owed a debt from a third party. The original party can then receive the payment of the debt directly, or if the individual receives the payment of debt, he will have to provide an appropriate amount to the original party who paid…

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