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February 2015

Does Nevada Have a Medical Malpractice Cap?

By | Medical Malpractice, Nevada

In one word, yes. Nevada has a state law that limits the amount of non-economic damages that can be awarded in medical malpractice cases. According to, Nevada Revised Statutes section 41A.035 sets the cap at $350,000. This is the maximum a plaintiff can receive for non-economic damages. What Are Non-Economic Damages? Non-economic damages refer to the types of damages…

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Do I Have a Strong Medical Malpractice Case?

By | Medical Malpractice

You’ve recently suffered an injury or an illness, and you think it was due to recent medical care or treatment that you received. At this point, you are wondering if you can get compensation to help pay for additional treatment or care, but you don’t know if your situation would qualify as medical malpractice. The most important thing is to…

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Las Vegas Pedestrians and Personal Injury

By | Las Vegas, Studies

Compared to the sometimes wild roads of Las Vegas, you may think you’re far better off just taking the sidewalk. In most cities, this would definitely be a safe bet. Unfortunately, in Clark County, pedestrians are still in danger from drivers even when they’re not on the roads. Las Vegas Is Worse than Manhattan As the Las Vegas Sun pointed…

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Injured While Driving?

By | Car Accidents, Personal Injury Blog

When you think of a personal injury claim, you may imagine some version of workers’ compensation or when someone is hurt on another’s private property. However, the most common form actually occurs when people are behind the wheel. Getting injured while driving in a vehicle can be absolutely devastating and if you ever find yourself in such a situation, you’ll…

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How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer

By | Criminal Defense

After you have been arrested or charged with a crime, it is very important that you immediately seek the help of a criminal defense lawyer. The more serious the crime is, the more important it is that you have an attorney. Your attorney can help explain to you what you’ve been charged with, explain your rights, and help you make…

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How to Prove Emotional Distress

By | Bighorn Has Your Back, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury Blog, Wrongful Death

In a medical malpractice or personal injury suit, it is easiest to get compensation for damages that are easy to calculate. These include medical bills and lost wages. Getting compensation for emotional distress is much more difficult, because it is harder to quantify and harder to prove. Judges and juries are more reluctant to award large amounts of money for…

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Is Your Insurer Negotiating in Bad Faith?

By | Car Accidents

Bad faith refers to when your insurer is denying your claim in an unreasonable or dishonest way. Because insurance adjusters are always working to minimize or deny a claim, it can be difficult to determine what was done in bad faith and what was reasonable, but it’s important that you learn the difference. If an adjuster is using bad faith…

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