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April 2015

How Dangerous is the Bill to Increase Nevada Speed Limits?

How Dangerous is the Bill to Increase Nevada Speed Limits?

By | Car Accidents, Las Vegas, Laws, Nevada, News, Personal Injury Blog, Wrongful Death

A potentially dangerous and deadly bill has just been passed by a Nevada Senate committee. This bill will raise the maximum speed limit on Nevada highways from 75 miles per hour up to 80 miles per hour. The bill originally proposed to raise the speed limit up to 85 miles per hour, but a compromise was reached. Still, this makes…

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Workplace Stress Injuries are Not Just Physical

By | Workers' Compensation

Before we start to look at emotional and mental stress injuries in the workplace, and how these can fall under personal injury laws and workers’ compensation rules, let’s consider the whole issue of workplace injuries in general. You can suffer a physical injury at work, and if it is something that qualifies as a workers’ compensation case, you will have…

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Las Vegas Class Action Lawsuit against Dangerous Laminate Flooring

By | Personal Injury Blog, Product Liability

After a ’60 Minutes’ report earlier this month, three class action lawsuits have been filed in Las Vegas that call into question the safety of laminate flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators. The lawsuits allege that the company knew about the unlawful levels of formaldehyde that were leaking from their products and purposefully withheld this information from customers. Formaldehyde is a…

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