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May 2015

The Different Types of Benefits Available Under Workers’ Compensation

By | Workers' Compensation

Worker’s compensation is a very important program in Nevada that protects thousands of workers every year when they are injured at work. Though most people have a basic understanding of worker’s compensation and what it entails, many do not realize all of the different benefits available. The basic benefits are compensation for medical bills and compensation for lost wages. In…

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Experimental Drugs Fair Game for Terminally Ill

By | Laws, Nevada

It seems like states are legalizing marijuana left and right throughout the country. For the moment, though, Las Vegas appears content with its current list of vices on the menu. However, the Nevada Assembly has recently made a landmark decision regarding drug use that could affect the lives of many throughout the state. Experimental Drugs as a Last Resort Lawmakers…

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Allegiant Air Case Stuck on the Ground

By | News

If you’ve had a ticket to fly Allegiant Air in the past several weeks or so, you were probably a bit worried you may not get to your destination. Just last week a judge was moving quickly to hand down a ruling on whether or not pilots could simply walk off the job. While that didn’t happen, the discount airline…

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Staying Safe While Playing Outdoors in Las Vegas

By | Las Vegas, Nevada, Safety

Geographically speaking, Las Vegas sits squarely in the Mojave Desert; in fact, it is the largest city in the Mojave with almost two million residents. So, how do you raise an active family, have an active lifestyle or simply play outside in the desert’s scorching summer heat? While you might think that an average Las Vegas Valley resident’s first priority…

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