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January 2020

OSHA Workplace Penalty Increases

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It just got a little more expensive to flout workplace safety guidelines in Nevada, following an increase in the penalties levied by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of – wait for it – 1.8 percent. To appreciate the full picture of how hard-hitting this increase is, here’s an example: the fine for workplace hazards that could result in…

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New Nevada Law Will Stop Patients Being Hit With ‘Surprise’ Medical Bills

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If you’re unlucky enough to be injured in an accident, or need unexpected medical care, the last thing you want is the worry about how the bill is going to be paid. Previously, patients needing emergency treatment faced bills of potentially thousands of dollars for charges levied by medical providers, after their insurance company refused to pay up due to…

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2020: A Breath of Fresh Air?

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We’re old hands at this 2020 thing now. Sure, we spent the first day back at work writing ‘2019’, but we’re mostly good. So what’s blowing in with the New Year? For one thing; fresher air. Yep, the air we’re going to breathe in 2020 is new and improved, thanks to a law that went into effect on January 1st…

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