Always Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

By February 13, 2015Criminal Defense

meeting-300x200.jpgYou could wind up charged with a criminal act for all kinds of reasons. Today, the Internet has greatly expanded the ways people can find themselves facing charges too. In any case, no matter what the crime, you’re entitled to a defense. Hiring a criminal defense attorney, and not simply taking the public defender, is essential.

Caseloads Are High

Public defenders simply handle too many cases at once to be trusted with yours. Some can handle as many as 100 at the same time. While this may mean they’ll be efficient in dealing with yours, is that really what you want from your legal representation? Efficiency?

For something like a criminal charge, you need a lawyer who has the time available to sit down and really go through your case. They need to look over the police report, ask you questions and speak to as many witnesses as possible. A public defender just won’t have the time to do the same, no matter how badly they’d like to. Keep in mind, too, that even if efficiency is something you value, your case could get pushed back if the public defender is needed for something more important like a murder trial.

No One-on-One Attention

This probably goes without saying, but given the above, you definitely won’t get much in the way of one-on-one attention from your public defender. They simply don’t have the time for those kinds of meetings. Unfortunately, you may actually end up making your first appearance and having to apply for services before you can get advice from your legal counsel. You could also have ended up waiving some of your rights (or letting them lapse) before getting to speak to a public defender.

Not Specialists

You also won’t get some kind of specialist with a public defender, at least not like you’ll find at private law firms. Even if you did get someone with a lot of experience in the type of charge you’re facing, as we already covered, they’d be unable to give you their full attention.

Can’t Handle Your Administrative Hearings

Furthermore, your criminal charge may result in an administrative hearing. For example, if you’re being charged with vehicular aggravated assault in relation to a DUI, you could end up getting your driver’s license suspended. While the public defender can represent you for the DUI, you’ll need a private lawyer for the suspension hearing. This is far from ideal.

Always Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

While it’s great that we live in a country where public defenders are provided for those who need them, this option is never ideal. You should always strive to do whatever you can to ensure your rights, freedom and record are being looked after by attorneys from a private firm. You’ll get one-on-one attention from a specialist who will walk you through the entire case.

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