Are You Hiring the Right Worker’s Compensation Lawyer?

If you have sustained an injury while on the job, you may be entitled to a claim in Las Vegas. Prior to tackling the insurance companies, you will want to hire a good attorney to help you with the upcoming battle. Injuries that occur on the job are typically because of employer error, lapse in policy updates, and more. There are a variety of injuries that may occur–from slip and fall accidents to torn ligaments from overexertion.

When you begin to narrow down your search for an attorney, you want to make sure you are hiring yourself a good lawyer that is going to stick up for you and recover the most for you. Explore the following things to think about and ask before choosing your next attorney.

How Much Experience Does He or She Have?

Your attorney should understand the worker’s compensation laws in Las Vegas. If he or she does not, you are setting your case up for failure. When you first sit down with your attorney, ask them about their experience and how much they know about the law. You can also ask them how many other cases they have handled that are similar to yours and whether the case was successful or not.

How Do They Plan to Present Your Case?

One of the most important aspects of a worker’s compensation case is how the case is presented. Discuss what your attorney’s legal strategy is. If you have information to help your case, give it to your attorney to strengthen your case. Some examples might be taking pictures of the area where the injury occurred or documenting important hazards such as not having a wet floor sign, etc.

Have They Been Reprimanded by the Bar?

When an attorney does something outside of his or her scope of work, they may receive a reprimand from the Bar. When this occurs, the attorney can receive different punishments based on the severity of the action. If the attorney you are considering for your worker’s compensation case has been reprimanded, carefully weigh your options. You do not want your lawyer’s past actions to hurt your case.

Can You Trust the Attorney?

You must trust your worker’s compensation attorney. If you feel like the attorney you are talking to does not have enough experience in worker’s compensation laws or you feel as though they are not being truthful or realistic about your case, look for another attorney. You cannot win your worker’s compensation case if your attorney is not on your side. You must pay attention to the legal strategy he or she presents.

Hire a Good Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Today

Before heading into the courtroom or discussing a settlement with the insurance company, get on track with your attorney. Many insurance companies will seek out unrepresented individuals and offer them a settlement. In many cases, these settlements are much less than what you could have received with the proper representation. Look around, ask questions, and find yourself a knowledgeable worker’s compensation attorney to recover you compensation.

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