Avoiding Personal Injuries at the Gym


Another new year means another rush of people to the nearest gym trying to follow their New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s to lose a little weight, add some muscle, or just try to get out more, thousands of people every year make going to the gym one of their most important resolutions. Fitness is obviously very important and regular exercise can help you live a longer and more comfortable life, but working out at the gym also has real risks, especially for those who are new to it.

Gym Liability Waivers

One of the first things you and your lawyer will have to look over is the liability waiver you signed upon joining the gym. If you never signed a waiver, you will have more options in your personal injury claim, but most gyms today require you to sign some sort of waiver. According to FindLaw.com, even if you signed a waiver, you may still have a case.

Most likely, the gym had you sign a total waiver of liability or a waiver for negligence. A total waiver of liability is meant to protect the gym from any type of liability for any injuries suffered there. These waivers are often overly broad, and a court may decide that it is unenforceable. A waiver for negligence is meant to protect the gym and its staff from being sued for acts of negligence, when they weren’t exercising sufficient care to prevent an injury. Though these types of waivers are usually more likely to be enforced than a total waiver, you may still have a strong case. That’s why it’s always important to contact a lawyer first, because he or she can help you make that determination more accurately.

Avoiding Gym Injuries in the First Place

Our attorneys are always ready to help and support you through a personal injury lawsuit, but obviously your personal health and safety comes first. That’s why you should always take the necessary steps to avoid an injury.

Be Honest About Your Body’s Limitations

We all go to the gym to get into better shape and become stronger, faster versions of ourselves. Still, we each have weaknesses, whether they are back problems, knee issues, or weak wrists. Know your limitations and respect them when you work out.

Work With a Trainer

Personal trainers, especially those with a degree in kinesiology, can help you work out in a safe way. A good personal trainer will work with you to understand what areas you need to improve and will help you gradually strengthen your body and minimize the risk of injury.
In case you are injured while working out at the gym, you should immediately seek medical attention. Afterwards, you might want to contact a personal injury attorney. Our associates at Bighorn law can help you take a look at what happened and will let you know if you should pursue the case.

If you are one of the thousands who are returning to the gym this year, good luck and be safe.

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