Bicycle Accidents Often Occur in Las Vegas

By September 1, 2015Personal Injury Blog
Bicycle Accidents Often Occur in Las Vegas

As popular as bicycles are around the Las Vegas area, accidents involving these vehicles can occur. In fact, Clark County is one of the ten highest-rated counties in the country in terms of bicycle-related fatalities. This is a clear sign of how commonplace bicycle accidents are in the city.

How Accidents Happen

Bicycle accidents sometimes happen in Las Vegas because a driver might have been careless and could have run into a cyclist. In other cases, a cyclist might have ignored any bicycle-specific lanes on the roads and take one’s bike out into a space where the rider should not be at.

Sometimes the condition of the bike may be a factor as a tire may blow out or another part may wear out. There are also times when the road may not be properly maintained due to potholes, an uneven surface, hardly visible traffic signs or even debris in a spot.

When the Car Driver Is at Fault

A car driver may be at fault in cases where the accident occurs when a car runs into a cyclist. This may occur in cases where a driver was speeding, running a stop sign or was distracted for some reason. There may also be times when the driver was operating a vehicle while drunk or under the influence of drugs.

When the Cyclist Is at Fault

A cyclist may also be at fault in some cases. A cyclist might be outside of a bike-appropriate lane or even going the wrong way on a one-way street. The person may also run a stop sign or other traffic signal and get into moving traffic with little to no warning. The cyclist may also be at fault if that person failed to wear a helmet and other forms of protective gear, thus causing injuries to become worse.

What Happens After a Wreck?

After a wreck involving a bicycle, many things have to be done to review what happened in the case. In some instances, a police report will have to be filed. This includes a review of what took place during the accident and how it might have been caused. Information on the injuries surrounding the wreck may also be profiled.

Photos of the accident scene must also be taken if possible. Photos of the scene of the accident, the damage to property involved in the wreck and any injuries that were caused must be taken. A doctor’s report must also be gathered in the event that there are any injuries; these include injuries that might have caused a person to experience a great deal of pain or an inability to earn a living.

A Fault-Based State

Nevada is a fault-based state when it comes to bicycle accidents. This means that at least one party involved in the wreck will be responsible for compensating the other party and covering the damages coming out of the accident. There is a potential for both parties in the wreck to hold some kind of liability but one person will still have to cover a majority of the damages coming out of the case.

Any person who is a victim of a bicycle accident must get medical attention as soon as possible. A full review of the accident site is also needed. This is to allow a proper case to be heard.

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