Bit by Bed Bugs? It’s the Las Vegas Nightmare.

Las Vegas is well known throughout the world as being a place for fun, excitement, and lifelong memories. Those memories shouldn’t include being bit by bedbugs while staying in a Las Vegas Hotel.

Las Vegas Bedbugs

“We don’t have bedbugs here.” – Every hotel manager, ever.

Bedbug Nightmares

One of our clients recently stayed at a local Vegas hotel for a convention, but was unexpectedly bitten by bedbugs in her room. First, sores started appearing all over her body, and she confronted management. When she was denied a change of room, she went home. She developed an allergic reaction to the bites and eventually experienced anaphylactic shock and was rushed to the hospital. Luckily, the doctors were able to help her recover.

What is even more shocking about this terrifying ordeal is the reaction of the hotel to her plight. According to her report, after she confronted the manager with her bites and injuries, the manager simply said “We don’t have bedbugs here.” They refused to give another room to her, and essentially forced her to go home.

A Shifting Legal Environment

Landlord and management dismissiveness of bedbug injuries may be coming to an end, however. If there’s a bright spot in the bedbug drama, it’s that the courts are standing with the victims. On April 24, 2014, the courts in Des Moines, Iowa announced that some 300 residents of two apartment buildings there had won a 2.45 million dollar settlement in a class action over bedbugs.

Attorney Jeffrey Lipman, who represented the plaintiffs in this case said “I think this puts landlords on notice that they cannot ignore bedbug issues.”

Such a big win is certain to send shockwaves through not just the real estate industry, but the hotel industry as well, where bed bug infestations are frighteningly common. The message is clear: face the problem, or pay the price.

Bed Bugs are a Reality in Las Vegas

Bedbugs in hotels are almost inevitable. These pernicious vermin hitchhike in clothing and luggage and spread from hotel to hotel as travelers cross the country. Hotel owners and managers have a duty to provide a safe, clean environment for their clients. So, even though bedbugs are certain to arrive in their hotels eventually, owners and managers can and must take steps to keep their premises clean and hygienic. Simply being aware of and destroying infestations would protect their guests. 

If you have visited Las Vegas and became a victim of bedbug bites, you have rights. We know how to deal with the hotels, large and small, and know how to get you fair compensation for your injuries. Wherever you live, if you have questions about your circumstances call us today for a free, confidential consultation. (702) 333-1111

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