Boating Accidents May Occur Within Las Vegas

Las Vegas has become a popular place for boating with the Colorado River and Lake Mead offering plenty of recreational opportunities for leisure boats, speed boats and a variety of Waverunners or Jet-skis (also known PWCs, or Personal Watercraft). However, there are times when boating accidents may occur on these waters.

What Accidents Occur?

The boating accidents that can take place around Las Vegas often involve collisions. These include collisions with other boats, fixed objects that might be submerged in the water or even floating objects. There are often times when a boat may run into a swimmer in the water as well.

Some mishaps may also occur around the water. These include problems where a person falls overboard or cases where a skier or someone else who is being towed may be at risk of harm.

Fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning may also occur on a boat. The threat of capsizing is also an important concern.

Negligence Is a Concern

The greatest worry that may come about during a boating accident will come from negligence. This can occur when a person responsible for the safety of the boat and of others around the water is placed in jeopardy. This safety can be disrupted as a result of the person not engaging in due diligence to take care of others in the water.

A BAR Is Required

A BAR, or Boating Accident Report, will be required in cases where an accident takes place within Nevada. This occurs in cases where a person causes property damage of $2,000 or more in value or if an accident results in someone’s death, the loss of consciousness or any medical treatment. This includes disabilities that might last for at least 24 hours after the accident.

Any cases that result in a person’s death or injury must be filed within 48 hours after the accident takes place. The accident form must be filled out in its entirety and then sent to the Nevada Department of Wildlife office in Reno.

After an Accident

All pieces of information on an accident must be recorded as soon after it takes place. This includes information from all parties involved with the accident as well as any eyewitnesses to the event. It is strongly recommended that people get photographs of the accident site and any damage that was caused by the accident.

Who Is at Fault?

Nevada state law says that at least one person has to be held at fault in a boating accident. The evidence surrounding a case must be reviewed alongside details of the damage and injuries that occurred. This is to ensure that the proper party will be responsible for covering the damages caused during the accident.

The compensation that will be covered by the at-fault party is used to cover damages caused by injuries, any lost income resulting from an injury and cases where a person is suffering from intense pain. Damage to a boat or other property may also be covered. A judge will have to determine what the at-fault party will have to pay for in a court of law.

Boating is an activity in Las Vegas that is very commonplace and exciting. All people who have their own boats within the city must be extremely cautious and avoid problems relating to keeping a boat afloat and safe.

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