Can I trade my professional services for the services of a criminal defense attorney?

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I was recently asked whether a person can pay for legal services by trading other goods or services. The answer is: Yes. You don’t necessarily need to pay an attorney with money. If both you are and the attorney are willing, you can exchange services. We at Morris//Anderson Law – Bighorn Law – have exchanged legal serves for other professional services. We are “community lawyers”. As such, we understand that these are financially difficult times for many people. And while we don’t accept every proposed exchange, we definitely will consider a trade if the circumstances are right.

There are a few guidelines for exchanging work:

  1. The exchange needs to make sense for both parties.  You can’t expect to pay for a DUI defense for a basket of peaches.  If the legal services are worth $500.00, then the traded goods or services needs to be worth around $500.00 as well.  To goal is make both parties feel like the exchange is fair.
  2. You should consider talking to another independent attorney about whether the deal is fair.

If you are having a hard time coming up with the money to pay for legal services, you should think about other ways you can pay.  Not every attorney accepts these types of trades.  And we certainly don’t accept every proposed exchange.  But if you think this path is right for you, feel free to talk to us about it.

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