“Why Can’t I Handle My Claim Myself?”

Well, let’s be honest, many attorneys are less than competent, many are only in business to serve their interests and not their client’s needs and wants.  It is this reputation that has been the genesis of the thousands of lawyer jokes we have all heard and laughed at.  Speaking of jokes, “What do you call 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?  A good start!”

The Reality of Facing an Insurance Company

Dealing with an insurance company on your own is brave, but not the smartest decision.  You are facing a corporate giant whose entire business model is based on collecting as much as they can in premiums while simultaneously making the least amount of payments on claims.   These corporations are built to fight the small guy and only pay when they are forced to pay.  Insurance adjusters are paid bonuses based on how much they can save the company on claims.

The insurance companies count on these adjusters to keep a claimant happy by telling them all sorts of misstatements and half-truths; “We will pay you fairly for what you are going through.”  “We are concerned about your condition and we hate to see you give some of what we want to give you to a lawyer.”  “A lawyer cannot increase what you are entitled to, your settlement will be the same or less with a lawyer, and then you have to pay him his high contingency fee.”  These and many other statements are told to a claimant to keep him or her from contacting a personal injury attorney.

The Truth About Attorneys

The truth is that a competent personal injury attorney can do more than increase the value of your settlement.  A great lawyer will provide you with a road map, as it were, to recovery.  An accident really makes your life messy, it causes injury to body, mind and even your soul (aura, spirit, etc.).  Your schedule becomes unmanageable, your family and work suffer, you become frustrated and stressed-out, even depression can take hold of you.  The entire purpose of your personal injury attorney is to relieve you from as many of these ‘side-effects’ of the accident as possible.

There are laws that govern negligence and injuries and someone trained to understand how these laws relate to you is what you need.  If you are injured in a car accident, work incident, airplane accident or on someone else’s property you need that someone who is trained to navigate these insurance contracts and settlement/court processes.  You’ll need a personal injury attorney.

Ask around for good lawyers, seek advice from family and friends on whom to consult with, but do it early so that you do not prejudice your own claim by dealing with an insurance adjuster who is trained to minimize your complaints and pay you the least possible to get you to sign a release.

Look for a personal injury lawyer who understands not only what you are suffering but why.  It may seem counter-intuitive, but your attorney on your accident claim is really the best friend you can have at such a traumatic time in your life.  The best personal injury lawyers will explain what you need to do and not do in seeking the best and most effective medical care.   Your PI attorney should be genuinely concerned for your day-to-day life and what this all means to you in the ‘bigger picture’.  Your attorney will help you understand what a reasonable outcome, both physical and financial, might be and how best to attain these goals.

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