The Retail Risk Report – Who’s At Risk?

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When we hear about dangerous workplaces, most of us imagine heavy industrial environments, building sites and so on. But other, more benign-sounding workplaces produce their fair share of accident reports.  Insurance provider AmTrust has produced a Retail Risk Report, an analysis of over 20,000 workers’ compensation insurance claims made over 3 years, up to 2018. The data makes interesting reading….

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Census 2020

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The US Census Bureau is geared up for the 2020 Census. The decennial population survey has already started in rural Alaska and most households will receive a request to participate during March. Vital for accruing data, apportioning political representation and – among other things – convening school and election districts; the census forms the basis of a blueprint for allocating…

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Public Charge Ruling

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A new dawn of uncertainty has broken upon immigrants seeking admission to the United States as the ‘public charge’ rule takes effect. The rule – which green lights the federal government to refuse entry or legal status to someone who might become reliant on welfare programs – has caused fresh alarm and worry for the immigrant community.  The US Supreme…

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halloween legal issues

How to Avoid Halloween Legal Issues

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Now that Halloween is right around the corner, everyone is looking for the best costumes and tastiest treats. And while Halloween is usually regarded as a children’s holiday, adults also like to join in on the fun. Because of this, there are more factors that need to be considered before the candy corn is dished and the pumpkins are carved….

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What Does the Texas Ebola Case Teach Us About Medical Malpractice?

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After the tragic death of Thomas Eric Duncan, the victim of Ebola in Texas, people are wondering if things were handled badly. With reports that Duncan was turned away from the hospital when he first started showing symptoms, the question of medical malpractice is in the air. The New York Post reports that Duncan’s family is calling for an investigation…

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Dichotomy in Vehicular Homicide Cases Highlights Unjust Laws Favoring Police Over Ordinary Citizens

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Recently, two cases involving distracted driving where each of the drivers killed another person have resulted in very different outcomes. This is because one driver was a police officer and the driver was an ordinary citizen.   In the first case, a young woman faces jail time for killing another woman because she was surfing Facebook while driving.   However, a police…

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Tesla Plans to Build Battery Plant in Nevada But Faces Legal Challenges Over Sales

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Today, Tesla, the high-end electric car company, announced that it would build a $5 billion lithium battery factory near Reno to produce batteries for its electric cars.  Nevada beat out four other states, California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, for the opportunity to host the plant.  The plant is expected to provide 6,500 jobs which will be a big boost…

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Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Rawson-Neal Busing Case

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 On August 25, 2014, a former patient of the Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital located in Las Vegas filed a class-action lawsuit against the hospital in Clark County District Court. The lawsuit stems out of a long-standing practice whereby the hospital would buy one-way bus tickets for mentally ill patients to receive “care and treatment” in their “home communities” which were located…

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Lingerie Football Players Sue League for Minimum Wage/Overtime

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Robin Johnson, a former lingerie football player, has filed a suit against the Legends Football League on August 12, 2014 in Federal Court for the District of Nevada.  She claims that she and all other players have been misclassified as independent contractors when they are actually employees of the league.  Consequently, she claims that the players are entitled to minimum…

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