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What is Subrogation?

By | Insurance Companies, Personal Injury Blog

Subrogation refers to the situation when a party pays a bill on behalf of an individual who is owed a debt from a third party. The original party can then receive the payment of the debt directly, or if the individual receives the payment of debt, he will have to provide an appropriate amount to the original party who paid…

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What to Do After an Accident Involving a Pedestrian

By | Car Accidents, Insurance Companies, Personal Injury Blog

Rates of pedestrian-vehicle accidents are increasing in Las Vegas and other parts of the country. Although you should always do everything you can to avoid such an accident, you must also be prepared if you accidentally become involved in one. Pedestrian-vehicle accidents can be terrifying events for both parties, and as the driver, you must remain calm, so that you…

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Fault vs. No-Fault Insurance in Utah

By | Car Accidents, Insurance Companies, Utah

What is the Difference between No-Fault and Fault Insurance? All states in the US require liability coverage in order to operate a motor vehicle in that state (well, 49 states anyway, excepting NH). Each state has different laws requiring specific coverage thresholds and coverage types. The most common is the basic liability coverage which covers a driver for injuries and…

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Five Things Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know about Negotiating Settlements

By | Insurance Companies, Personal Injury Blog

In personal injury cases, there is a good chance that you will have to deal with insurance adjusters to reach a compensation settlement. This usually involves some form of negotiation, a back and forth process that may require numerous demand letters and phone calls before a settlement is agreed upon. This article will outline five things that insurance companies do…

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