Boating Accidents May Occur Within Las Vegas

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Las Vegas has become a popular place for boating with the Colorado River and Lake Mead offering plenty of recreational opportunities for leisure boats, speed boats and a variety of Waverunners or Jet-skis (also known PWCs, or Personal Watercraft). However, there are times when boating accidents may occur on these waters. What Accidents Occur? The boating accidents that can take…

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Important Facts About Personal Injury in Las Vegas

Important Facts About Personal Injury in Las Vegas

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The state of Nevada has its own set of laws pertaining to personal injury in order to protect the victims of negligence and/or wrongdoing. Anyone who has been injured by another person should contact a qualified attorney immediately following an injury to find out whether a lawsuit is applicable and to claim the maximum compensation possible. What to Do After…

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Common Defenses Against Medical Malpractice

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Going through medical treatment that you believe is negligent is both mentally and physically difficult. It can be difficult to prepare to file a medical malpractice claim in Las Vegas, making a bad situation worse. Even if you believe there is no doubt that your physician’s negligence caused additional harm or injury, you should expect him or her to bring…

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