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How Has the Obama Work Visa DACA Program Changed?

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On November 20th, President Obama announced new executive actions on immigration. For those of you who are familiar with the Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA), these new actions are basically an expansion of that program. It is important to understand exactly what these new changes will do because millions of immigrants are now eligible for work permits and temporary…

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Strippers Sue Six More Las Vegas Clubs

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Strippers Sue Six More Las Vegas Clubs November 14, 2014 – In the aftermath of the October 30th Nevada Supreme Court ruling against Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, attorneys representing current and former dancers at Las Vegas strip clubs filed class-action suits against multiple gentlemen’s clubs, including Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, Club Paradise, Crazy Horse III, Olympic Gardens, Treasures, and Spearmint Rhino….

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toyota recalls acceleration

Toyota Recalls for Acceleration Issues: $1.2 Billion in Fines

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The US Justice Department fined Toyota Motors, the Japanese auto maker, $1,200,000,000, that’s 1.2 billion dollars.  It is the largest ever punitive action of its’ kind against a car company.  Allegations were numerous and those making the allegations against Toyota were members of the highest legislative body in America.  Toyota was accused of lying to investigators, regulators and the American…

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Another Lawsuit Filed against Uber in Nevada

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On Tuesday, October 28, 2014, Bell Trans and Whittlesea Blue Cab Company filed suit against Uber Technologies Inc in Nevada. The suit claims that Uber engages in deceptive trade, conspiracy, and unfair competition. The suit goes on to claim that the defendants illegally operate a transportation service without permits. A Judge in Washoe Country, Nevada issues a temporary restraining order…

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Ryan Anderson Interviews with KNPR Regarding Nevada Ruling on Club Dancers

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This week, Ryan Anderson did an interview with KNPR radio to discuss the Nevada Supreme Court’s ruling last week involving club dancers. In the ruling, dancers are considered employees, not independent contractors. This legislation means that thousands of dancers at the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, and other clubs, could be paid millions of dollars in back pay. In the interview, the…

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Mick Rusing and Ryan Anderson Win Landmark Case For Workers’ Rights.

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UNANIMOUS DECISION BY NEVADA SUPREME COURT RULES DANCERS AS CLUB EMPLOYEES Bighorn Law Wins Ruling In Class-Action Suit On Behalf of 6500 Nevada Dancers Clark County District Court to Rule on Amount of Judgement  October 30, 2014…Las Vegas, NV… Today, the Nevada Supreme Court reversed an earlier decision by the district court and ruled that dancers qualify as employees and are thus…

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wrongful-death bullying case in henderson

Wrongful-Death Lawsuit in Henderson: The Connection Between Bullying and Child Suicide

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On December 12, 2013, Hailee Lamberth sent a text message to her parents in the early afternoon to share her excitement for being awarded math student of the month. It was just two hours later that Hailee’s family found her dead in their home in Henderson. Along with a suicide note, Hailee’s father and her 6-year-old brother found that she…

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Lawsuit Alleges Funeral Home Buried Deceased Sister on Top of Husband’s Remains, Concealed Mistake.

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Sandra Magro filed suit against Davis Funeral Home and Alderwods Cemetery in Clark County district court on September 15 claiming that the defendants buried her sister atop Magro’s husband’s remains, then concealed the error. Magro purchased three adjacent plots in the Paradise Memorial Gardens Cemetery long ago, intending to have Magro and her husband share a plot with mother and…

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Dichotomy in Vehicular Homicide Cases Highlights Unjust Laws Favoring Police Over Ordinary Citizens

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Recently, two cases involving distracted driving where each of the drivers killed another person have resulted in very different outcomes. This is because one driver was a police officer and the driver was an ordinary citizen.   In the first case, a young woman faces jail time for killing another woman because she was surfing Facebook while driving.   However, a police…

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Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Rawson-Neal Busing Case

By | Bighorn Has Your Back, Commentary, Las Vegas, Nevada, News

 On August 25, 2014, a former patient of the Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital located in Las Vegas filed a class-action lawsuit against the hospital in Clark County District Court. The lawsuit stems out of a long-standing practice whereby the hospital would buy one-way bus tickets for mentally ill patients to receive “care and treatment” in their “home communities” which were located…

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