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Tobacco Litigation: Light Cigarettes

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Over the years, many lawsuits have involved tobacco companies. Most recently, light cigarettes are in the spotlight, under the tough scrutiny from consumers. From the consumers’ perspective, tobacco companies are engaging false advertising practices by marketing that these light cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes. Typically, these types of lawsuits fall under unfair business practice laws at the state level….

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Accutane Litigation

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Since its FDA approval in 1982, the acne medication Accutane has received significant opposition. The drug is intended to treat severe recalcitrant nodular acne that does not respond to other traditional forms of treatment, including the use of antibiotics. However, there have been hundreds of lawsuits citing that the acne drug causes birth defects, thoughts of suicide, and inflammatory bowel…

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Another Lawsuit Filed against Uber in Nevada

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On Tuesday, October 28, 2014, Bell Trans and Whittlesea Blue Cab Company filed suit against Uber Technologies Inc in Nevada. The suit claims that Uber engages in deceptive trade, conspiracy, and unfair competition. The suit goes on to claim that the defendants illegally operate a transportation service without permits. A Judge in Washoe Country, Nevada issues a temporary restraining order…

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Mick Rusing and Ryan Anderson Win Landmark Case For Workers’ Rights.

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UNANIMOUS DECISION BY NEVADA SUPREME COURT RULES DANCERS AS CLUB EMPLOYEES Bighorn Law Wins Ruling In Class-Action Suit On Behalf of 6500 Nevada Dancers Clark County District Court to Rule on Amount of Judgement  October 30, 2014…Las Vegas, NV… Today, the Nevada Supreme Court reversed an earlier decision by the district court and ruled that dancers qualify as employees and are thus…

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What to Know about Crib Safety and Recalls

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Each year, thousands of infants are injured as the result of defective cribs. The federal Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that over 11 million play sets, bassinets, and cribs have been recalled since 2007. What is a Product Recall? A product recall happens when the federal government publicly announces that a product is harmful. In most recalls, the product…

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Wrongful-Death Lawsuit in Henderson: The Connection Between Bullying and Child Suicide

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On December 12, 2013, Hailee Lamberth sent a text message to her parents in the early afternoon to share her excitement for being awarded math student of the month. It was just two hours later that Hailee’s family found her dead in their home in Henderson. Along with a suicide note, Hailee’s father and her 6-year-old brother found that she…

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Facebook Ruined His Settlement—Confidentiality Clauses in the Age of Social Media

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If you reach a legal settlement with another party, it often contains a confidentiality clause.  The language can vary, but, generally you are not allowed to disclose the existence of the settlement or the amount paid.  Many people can’t help but to tell their family and close friends that they reached a settlement.  Although this is a technical violation of…

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Counting the Cost: Depression Following an Injury

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Four years ago, Amy (not her real name) was an attractive, twenty-something living in Boise, Idaho. She had been married for a few years. She and her husband Dan had recently had their first child, and he was working a well-paying job at a technology company while Amy was living her dream of being a stay-at-home mom. When the car…

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