How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer

By February 6, 2015Criminal Defense

las vegas criminal defense lawyerAfter you have been arrested or charged with a crime, it is very important that you immediately seek the help of a criminal defense lawyer. The more serious the crime is, the more important it is that you have an attorney. Your attorney can help explain to you what you’ve been charged with, explain your rights, and help you make other decisions in your best interest, such as whether or not to post bail or accept a plea.

Without a criminal defense attorney, you might make crucial mistakes in your defense, and a case that could have been dismissed could lead to a costly conviction. Because being convicted of a crime can have such a serious effect on the rest of your life, it’s important that you take the utmost care with how you proceed, and experienced legal assistance will help you tremendously. If you have recently been charged with a crime, contact Bighorn Law as soon as you can. Our team of experienced criminal defense lawyers can work with you to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

What You Should Look For in Your Attorney

When you are selecting a criminal defense attorney, you want to pay attention to expertise and experience. Think very clearly about what type of help you need and find an attorney who can provide exactly that.

Are you being charged with a state or federal crime? Though some lawyers have a lot of experience working with both types of crimes, many will specialize. You don’t want to hire an attorney who specializes in state criminal defense to defend you against a federal charge. According to, federal prosecutors have more time to build their cases, and you will need an attorney who can set aside an equivalent amount of time to work on your defense.

What type of crime are you being charged with? Even more specific than state or federal, there are many lawyers who have specific experience with certain types of crimes. Whether they are financial crimes, violent crimes, or a different type, you will be best served by finding a lawyer that has the most experience with your specific criminal charge. What stage of the process are you in? You will want a trial attorney if you are going to your first trial, but you will want an appellate attorney if you are appealing a decision.

Make Sure You Meet and Speak With the Attorney

At the end of the day, choosing your criminal defense attorney is a major decision. You want to pick someone who you feel confident about and who you trust. Just because an attorney has a lot of experience or was referred to you by a friend, it does not mean that the attorney is right for you. Schedule a time to meet with an attorney to discuss your case, so that you can decide for yourself.

If you are currently looking for legal help, contact our offices today. We will meet with you, discuss your case, and talk about next steps. Our job is to get you the justice you deserve. Let us help.

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