Concurrent Wages and Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Were you working two or more jobs at the time your on the job injury occurred? Did your injury result in you being unable to work in your other position? If so, there is some important information about Nevada Workers’ Compensation laws that you need to know about for your claim. Concurrent wages can have an impact on your overall benefits, and it is important that you understand your rights in these situations.

What Are Concurrent Wages

Concurrent wages are those that you receive from working for two different employers at the same time. If you are unable to return to your second employer during the same time you are off duty at your first position, you have the right to report that income to your claims adjuster. In many cases, your second employer may not have light duty work available, or may be unwilling to adjust your position to accommodate your post-injury needs. If your workers’ comp injury has forced you to lose both incomes, under Las Vegas worker’s compensation laws, you are entitled to those wages as well, if you have worked for the other employer for 12 weeks prior to the accident.

Monthly Wage Calculations

While your workers’ comp adjuster typically bases your monthly wages on the amount you earn from that position, you have the right to turn in the amount you make from your other position(s) as well. This will increase the amount of compensation you will receive each month, until the maximum amount allowable per month is reached. When the adjuster figures your average monthly wage, it will include:
• Incentive pay
• Paid sick time
• Tips that were paid by the employer (not customer tips paid directly to you)
• Prorated bonuses
• Paid vacation
• Overtime
• Holiday pay
• Travel pay
• Room and board as applicable

If your injury makes it impossible for you to return to both employers, yet you are able to return to one of them, you may also be entitled to a percentage of the difference between the worker’s compensation benefits, and the amount that you would have earned after taxes from the lost position as well.

Permanent Partial Disability

Concurrent wages in Las Vegas workers’ compensation claims can also play a part in increasing the amount you will receive if you are eligible for permanent partial disability payments. Again, the amount of both wages would be included in your claim, allowing you to make up some of the income you lost when you were injured.

If you have a workers’ compensation claim, and you are unsure whether you are being compensated appropriately for concurrent wages, you should consider seeking the assistance of a Las Vegas workers’ compensation attorney. He or she will be able to go over the information pertaining to your claim to determine whether you should be receiving more benefits for your injury. Just make sure you have the appropriate proof, such as check stubs or tax statements, and you will be able to increase your average monthly wages.

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