Dealing With Workplace Injuries in Las Vegas


There are many opportunities to get injured on the job, especially in places like factories, warehouses, and others where machinery is used. Workplace injuries are quite common and are normally due to single traumatizing events, such as lifting heavy loads, falling from a ladder, accidental detonations, accidents with saws, etc. Other more common workplace injuries are due to repetitive or recurrent activities such as running machinery.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that there are over 100 types of injuries caused in the workplace, including Repetitive Stress Injuries or RSIs, falls, and calamities from the use of machines. RSIs can be caused by excessive and repetitive use of the computer, and they can be suffered in construction and manufacturing workspaces, clothing factories, and by supermarket cashiers etc. In short, they can occur in any place where workers are required to perform the same action repetitively over the course of a shift.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

When dealing with a workplace injury, workers need to know what type of protection the employer has and what a worker can do to get compensation. There is a type of insurance that protects employers based on remedy laws in Nevada, which is worker’s compensation insurance.

When a business owner has this type of insurance, he is protecting his business from potential lawsuits filed by injured employees. Thus, workers look for compensation from the employer, because they are unable to sue the employer. Worker’s compensation insurance can cover:

  • Physical therapy and rehab
  • Death benefits
  • Medical charges
  • Lost income

How to Get Worker’s Compensation

Employees who get hurt or ill on the job will obviously want to be remunerated for the costs of possible physical therapy, rehab, and doctor’s fees. They will also want to have their lost wages replaced. The simplest way to get benefits from an employer due to a workplace injury is to check the worker’s compensation laws in the state of Nevada and to then follow the process, which normally starts with filing a claim. Normally, the business owner or manager provides these claim forms. However, if the employer is not cooperative, the worker might need to contact an attorney to guide him through the process.

Once the employee files a claim, the employer will then have to submit those forms to his insurance company without delay. In Las Vegas, worker’s compensation can include medical treatment, lost wages, disability benefits, rehabilitation, death compensation for dependents, and more.

Hiring an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer might be indispensable for making sure a claim is filed correctly and in a timely manner. It’s important to start the process as soon as the employee feels noticeable increased pain. Per Nevada laws, employers are forbidden from firing employees when claim forms are requested from them. If an employee is reprimanded for requesting worker’s compensation forms, the interjection of a qualified worker’s compensation attorney might be of essence.

When filing a worker’s compensation claim, the worker needs to make sure the injury or pain is coming from a work-related action or accident. In Las Vegas, the laws related to worker’s compensation can be complex, thus an initial consultation with an attorney can save an employee a lot of time and money.

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