Garage Sale Laws in the Las Vegas Area.

garage sale lawsA garage sale seems like a rather small thing. You have items that you want to get rid of, so you hold a sale on your own private property in order to earn a little money from things that have been stashed in your attic or basement for years.

Before you hold your garage sale, it’s important to understand the rules involved. You want to obey them, since you don’t want to face a fine or worse — jail time!

Clark County Garage Sale Rules

First of all, you need to look at the rules on a county level. Las Vegas is located in Clark County, and those basic rules apply to all the communities in the county.

Realize that you can’t just hold a garage sale any time you want, and you aren’t supposed to hold unlimited garage sales. Clark County regulations state that you can only hold garage sales for no more than six days per half-year (calendar). So, if you have a two-day garage sale in August, and a three-day sale in September, you can only hold a garage sale for one day come October.

Additionally, Clark County specifies that you must only sell items from your home. You can’t buy new items from outside your home and then sell them at the garage sale.

These regulations are fairly straightforward, and easy to comply with for most people. However, it’s important to realize that individual cities in Clark County have added to the regulations. Garage sales held in Henderson and in Las Vegas are fairly straightforward. You don’t need a permit, and you just need to make sure that you observe proper signage requirements.

Holding a Garage Sale in North Las Vegas

Things are a little different in North Las Vegas. If you want to hold a garage sale in North Las Vegas, you need to be aware that you can’t put up signs on any public property. Before you put up your signs on private property, you need to receive proper authorization. On top of that, North Las Vegas expects you to remove your signs immediately after you finish your garage sale.

If you don’t follow through with the regulations, you can be fined up to $1,000 and even go to jail. Offenses are counted in days, so you can pay up to $1,000 per day if you don’t comply, and your jail time is based on the days that you don’t comply with the regulations. You also need to apply for a permit to hold a garage sale in North Las Vegas. So, before you hold your sale, make sure that you get the proper permit.

Homeowners Associations

You don’t just have to worry about the law in individual cities in the Las Vegas area. You also need to be aware of what your Homeowners Association requires. Many communities in the Las Vegas area have these associations. These organizations specify what you can and can’t do with your property. These rules are designed to help homeowners maintain their property values. When you are part of a Homeowners Association, you agree to abide by their rules concerning garage sales. Many of these organizations have requirements that require more than municipal or county code. If you don’t comply, you might be required to pay a fine, or face some other disciplinary action.

Before you hold a garage sale, make sure that you are in compliance at all levels of governance for your community.

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