Hang Gliding Accident Takes Life of Boy

According to Nevada Highway State Patrol, a recent hang gliding accident took two lives, including that of a 12 year old boy. This accident took place in March and happened near Jean at a dry lake bed. A tour company, which has not yet been named, took groups to tether a hang glider behind a truck to lift individuals in the air above the lake bed. The company had been doing these tours for some time, but the name of this group specifically has not yet been released by investigators or the state highway patrol.

The Accident

A family who was visiting Nevada on vacation scheduled a tour with the company, and the family included a 12-year-old boy. According to investigators, the company was pulling the hang glider through the air when the truck turned around abruptly. The driver assumed that the tether had been released as it normally would have been done by the person on the hang glider. Because the tether had not been released, the hang glider crashed to the ground when the truck turned abruptly.

The hang gliding instructor who was in the hang glider with the boy, died at the scene. The boy did not die immediately. Instead, the family put the boy in a truck and drove ten miles before finding a state patrol officer. At that time, the state patrol officer administered CPR, but the boy died before any further help could be gotten.

The Investigation

It is currently too early in the investigation to know exactly what happened according to reports. Additionally, the name of the adult instructor and that of the boy have not been released. However, there are several ways in which the family may be able to file a wrongful death suit.

For example, if the company itself was negligent in using signals or information to know when the glider was detached, then they could be held liable. Additionally, if there was a mechanical failure, then the manufacturer of the glider or the company that maintained it could be held responsible. It will only be through investigation that this will be determined. However, it would be advisable for the surviving family of the boy, as well as the instructor, to seek legal representation. That way, if they are able to pursue a wrongful death case, they will have an attorney who will be able to investigate and create the best case possible.

There are numerous types of personal injury cases, and if you are involved with one, it is important to get an attorney, after you have sought medical treatment. An attorney will need to begin doing the investigations as soon as possible before any evidence has been cleared away. Always make sure you choose an attorney who has experience with your specific type of personal injury or wrongful death of a family member. That way, they will know how to handle your case properly and seek the best compensation for you.

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