How Does My Second Job Affect My Workers Compensation Benefits?

I was injured at my full-time job, and I’m going to be out for several weeks. I also have a part-time job, and I am able to continue working there. How does this second job affect my benefits?

Statistically, most workers in Las Vegas will never have to worry about filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Unfortunately, every year, hundreds get filed, so it’s not a bad idea to understand what you’ll be in for if you ever get hurt while on the job. Workers’ compensation is supposed to be fairly straightforward, but it often doesn’t work out that way here in Las Vegas.

Let’s look at one scenario that could come up for proof of this. Many of you may work two jobs: you have a full-time gig and a position you work part-time. The question you’d face after an injury at the former, then, would be, what happens to my benefits if I can continue working the part-time job?

Reporting Your Second Job

First and foremost, if this ever happens to you, be sure to report your second job—including how much you make—to the insurance company. Some people make the mistake of thinking this other job isn’t relevant and they end up in trouble later on.

If you neglect to mention your other job and are found working at it while getting paid by the insurance company, you could get hit with insurance fraud. Your only defense will be to plead ignorance, but that isn’t always successful.

Second, you may qualify for compensation at both jobs if you can’t work at the other. If you can continue working there, that’s one thing. However, if you have an injury that would make this difficult or even dangerous, it’s important to know that the Industrial Insurance Act can help ensure you’re not forcing yourself back to the job when it’s still too early.
Keep in mind that this only applies if your current employer knows you have this second job. Take the time now to email them this information so that you have a clear paper trail if you ever get hurt.

What to Expect

As you can imagine, this process can be a bit confusing for most, to say the least. This is why it’s recommended that you get legal help. A qualified workers’ compensation attorney in Las Vegas will help you negotiate this situation so you’re not at risk of fraud, but also get the funds that are rightfully yours.

With all that being said, the workers’ compensation you will receive if you plan on going back to work at your part-time job will generally be lowered. The insurance company will take an average weekly wage and pay you at that amount.

Lastly, your part-time employer in Las Vegas is under no obligation to keep you on staff simply because you got injured at another job. If your injury keeps you off your feet and you’re a part-time construction worker, your employer can let you go without fear of reprisal. The rationale is that they shouldn’t be affected by what happened to you at another job.

Again, right now, let your full-time employer know about your other job. Hopefully, it will never come to this, but should you ever get hurt while working, you’ll want a workers’ compensation attorney to help walk you through what exactly your rights are.

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