How Much Will I Have to Pay a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer?

By September 21, 2015Workers' Compensation

If you’ve been injured at work to the point where you need to pursue a workers’ compensation claim, you’re likely to need a lawyer to protect your legal interests. However, if you are out of work you’re probably concerned with how much it will cost you to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer. Sometimes fears of not being able to pay a lawyer up front can cause you to try to go it alone, but this would be a mistake – injured workers who are represented by lawyers often receive larger awards than those who don’t, so it’s a smart move to always hire a lawyer.

Contingent Fee Basis

Luckily for you, the vast majority of personal injury lawyers – including workers’ comp lawyers working in Las Vegas or the state of Nevada – will typically take cases on a contingent fee basis. What this means is that you won’t be responsible for paying the attorney up front in exchange for providing a set percentage of any compensation amount in the event of winning your case. While there’s no set percentage for this fee thanks to different state regulations, it usually rests somewhere between 10 percent and 35 percent of your total.

Under a contingent fee agreement, attorneys don’t actually get any payment unless your case is decided in your favor. However, there are some ancillary costs that you may be responsible for, even if your lawyer agreed to a contingent fee; in the case of charges for medical records being copied and mailed or court documents being filed, these charges often end up being the responsibility of the client.

The First Taste is Always Free

Even if a lawyer doesn’t offer to take cases on a contingent fee basis (a rarity indeed among the world of workers’ compensation attorneys), it’s almost a certainty that he or she will offer a free consultation to any prospective clients that request one. This consultation, which typically takes place in the lawyer’s office and lasts around half an hour, is even required to be offered free of charge according to the laws of states like California.

During this consultation, the lawyer will listen closely to the story revolving around your workplace injury. He or she may ask several questions to clarify some points that may be unclear before finally providing you an assessment of your case, the chances you have of prevailing, and whether it’s complex enough to require the aid of an attorney. It’s typically at this point that a workers’ compensation lawyer interested in representing you will offer to take your case, which will lead to a conversation about whether they need to be paid up front or if they will agree to a contingent fee payment agreement, including the percentage of your compensation they would like in return for representing your legal interests. Remember that contingent fee lawyers won’t get paid unless they’re successful, so if one does offer to represent you this means they think that your case is winnable!

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