How to File a Worker’s Compensation Claim in Las Vegas

How to File a Worker's Compensation Claim in Las Vegas

Accidents are common in any type of business. Anyone can get injured from an accident, even in the safest office setting. In Las Vegas, and the whole state of Nevada, all employers are required by law to carry worker’s compensation coverage to include all employees. However, some employers might be reluctant to provide the workers with the necessary forms. In this case, a specialized attorney might be of help.

Injuries on the job are the cause of a lot of frustration for workers and families in the state of Nevada. The first step in requesting compensation is to ask for the worker’s comp forms and to fill them out. If, at any point, the employer refuses to provide these forms or threatens workers, it might be necessary to contact an attorney experienced in worker’s compensation in order to get the proper compensation.

Worker’s compensation claims are a common way for employees to get remunerated from a personal injury caused on the job due to negligence, repetitive activity, or an accident, such as a fall. Worker’s compensation often provides replacement of wages, reimbursement of medical expenses, etc. In Las Vegas, employees cannot file a lawsuit against an employer for negligence. They rely on this no-fault insurance – worker’s compensation – to get compensated.

Illnesses and Accidents in the Workplace

Worker’s compensation includes benefits for injuries caused on the job, but also for illnesses caused by exposure to certain chemicals or other substances that might affect the health of the worker. Employers must ensure the safety of the employees by having proper safety measures in place within the workplace. Carpal tunnel syndrome is also a common ailment caused by repetitive activity such as excessive typing.

Worker’s Compensation Coverage

All work-related injuries are covered by the worker’s compensation system in the state of Nevada. The first requirement for coverage is that the injury or illness must have originated in the workplace or must have been caused by a work-related activity. Intentional injury on the part of an employee is, of course, not covered under this insurance, as are cases where the worker was operating in the workplace under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.

The compensation a worker can get will depend on the extent of the disability. The two most expected benefits are medical expenses and loss of wages. Normally, a worker can get up to two thirds of his or her average monthly salary for the whole length of the disability. Some other benefits include:

• Medical treatment
• Permanent disability benefits
• Rehabilitation / physical therapy

Nevada laws state that workers must file claims within 90 days of the accident or illness. Hearings for worker’s comp can be held to resolve any possible disputes.

Getting an experienced attorney might be necessary if the process becomes difficult for the employee in order to avoid any delays or missing compensation.

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