Hurt in a Casino? Find out Who Can Be Held Responsible

Casinos are meant to be fun. After all, with the flashing lights, beeps and sounds as slot machines pay out, cheers around the craps table and seemingly endless buffets, they certainly are a place for plenty of entertainment. However, injuries do happen at casinos, and those injuries could result in premises liability cases.

If you have been injured, then you will want to seek a civil case as soon as possible. If you are injured due to the casino owner’s negligence, then you will be owed damages for your medical expenses, lost wages, and even pain and suffering.

Some of the most common injuries that occur in casinos include:

• Tripping and falling down stairs – these accidents could result in bruises, bone fractures, head injuries, and neck or spine injuries.
Slipping and falling down due to wet or uneven floors or due to obstructions on the floor – these could result in spinal injuries, knee damage, hip injuries, bruises, or broken bones.
• Being struck by objects – these accidents, when an object is falling, could result in head injuries.
• Assaulted by a rowdy or drunk person – this could result in a wide variety of different injuries.

In these cases, usually, someone will be held liable. As a result, you will be able to bring a civil case so that you can receive damages for your injuries.

Types of Damages

Many people do not understand how damages work when it comes to personal injury cases. Each state has its own laws on how things are handled. There may be caps on how much you can seek in damages. There may also be rules about the way damages can be sought. An attorney will help you go through all of this, but you do need to understand the type of damages that will be available.

• Economic – This refers to damages that can be counted specifically, including lost wages and medical bills. There can be a specific number assigned to these damages and you will know exactly what you could seek and possibly receive.

• Non-Economic – These damages are harder to put a number on. That’s because they cannot be counted specifically. The most common non-economic damages are pain and suffering. This number can be very subjective and you and your attorney will need to determine how much you wish to seek.

• Punitive – These damages are solely assigned by the court as a way to punish the liable party. They aren’t necessarily to give you more money, but to make sure the liable party will not do the same thing again. You will have no control over these damages or whether or not they will even be offered.

Damages can depend on a number of different factors, like the extent of your injuries, the type of the accident, the proof of liability, etc. Of course, keep in mind also that casinos will likely have a whole team of attorneys who will do everything they can to avoid losing the case. You will need a high-quality attorney who understands personal injury law, premises liability, and casino law specifically.

Proving Fault

As with any other personal injury case, proving fault will be your responsibility as the victim. You have to show that someone was at fault for your accident. There are a couple of forms of fault:

Negligence – This means that the property owner, or some other responsible person, knew of a dangerous situation and did not take steps to repair it. For example, perhaps a handrail going down the stairs is loose. You slip and fall because of this. If the people in charge of the casino knew about this or had reasonable time to know and they did not repair it, then they would be considered negligent. Or, if a drunken person was causing problems and the casino authorities knew and did not have that person removed, and the person attacks you, then the casino authorities could be held liable for negligence.

Intentional Acts – The second type of fault when it comes to casino injuries would be intentional acts. If someone who works with the casino were to intentionally take an action for the purposes of hurting you, then they are at fault as well. Some intentional acts could fall into the category of criminal activity, such as assault. That would mean a criminal case would take place, but you would still need to file a civil case too so that you could receive damages.

Proving fault is not always as simple as you may think. These can be very difficult waters to navigate.

What to Do

If you are injured at a casino, then the actions you take will be very important. You want to give yourself every chance to receive the most compensation. Here is what you will need to do:

• Seek medical attention immediately. The casino should call 911. When you have a medical diagnosis as soon as possible, you will have the best information about your injuries.

• Document injuries. This can include your doctor’s report, as well as pictures of the injuries themselves if you have physical signs. You may need to file a report with the casino.

• If you can, take pictures of what caused you to get hurt. Get names of anyone who saw the accident. Do your best to record any admissions of guilt from casino employees.

• Do not sign anything with the casino. They may ask you to sign a document saying that they are not at fault. You do not need to do this.

Casinos are fun places. They bring the promise of money, along with the entertainment of slot machines, card games, rolling the dice and so much more. While these places are all about entertainment, if you have been hurt in a casino, then you will want to make sure you seek damages for your losses. These could include lost wages, medical bills and much more. So, hire an attorney as soon as you can to consider a civil court case against a casino.

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