injured-while-drivingWhen you think of a personal injury claim, you may imagine some version of workers’ compensation or when someone is hurt on another’s private property. However, the most common form actually occurs when people are behind the wheel. Getting injured while driving in a vehicle can be absolutely devastating and if you ever find yourself in such a situation, you’ll probably have a hard time thinking of anything besides your recovery. However, it’s essential you call a lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.

Driving Accidents in Las Vegas

You don’t have to live in Las Vegas for long to know our roadways can be a dangerous place. People come here from all over the world and many will rent cars, despite not knowing their way around in the least. It’s also no secret that many of the vehicles here are fueled by equal parts gas and adrenaline. Sadly, many drivers are using other substances as well.

While you shouldn’t be so afraid of driving in Las Vegas that you never get behind the wheel, hopefully you now have a better appreciation for why you should always have the contact information for a qualified personal injury lawyer on hand. After you’ve looked after the health of yourself and those involved in the accident and dialed 911, that attorney should be the next number you call.

The Importance of Hiring a Lawyer Quickly

If you know anything about the statute of limitations regarding car accidents, you may not feel like you’re in much of a rush to get legal representation after being the victim of one. The injuries you’re suffering from have probably complicated your life enough.

Unfortunately, time is running out the second after the accident occurs. Not every case is going to be cut and dried, even though you may think it’s obvious you did nothing wrong.
To make sure you win your case and get the compensation that is rightfully yours, your attorneys need to start collecting evidence immediately. The police will do their part, of course, but it isn’t their job to go to court and prove your side. A lot of evidence is going to get cleaned up by city workers too. Eyewitnesses, perhaps the most important people for proving your side, will also begin forgetting what they saw as soon as they drive off.

Get with a lawyer ASAP so they can ensure this evidence ends up where it belongs: in court, protecting what you’re entitled to.

Don’t Forget the Other Side

Again, you may be sure you’re not responsible for the accident. However, the other side may disagree. Even if they don’t—even if they agree they were at fault—they may be smart enough to know that the right lawyer can argue otherwise. Don’t leave things to chance. Get qualified legal representation or the other side’s lawyer will make you pay.

At Bighorn Law, our passion is protecting the people of Las Vegas when they’ve been victimized. Don’t let one car accident ruin your life. Call us today at 702-333-1111 and gain the peace of mind and settlement that should be yours.

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