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There are many issues you have to deal with when you are injured in a state that you do not live in.  Nevada, in particular, has specific laws that govern the rights and responsibilities of those injured in Nevada.  If you are injured in Nevada, you certainly can seek medical care in your home state, however, it is recommended that you find a Nevada attorney to represent your interests in your claim.  There are rules of procedure that must be adhered to in Nevada and a local, licensed Nevada attorney will be aware of these rules and know how to use them to your benefit.

When you suffer injury in Nevada you should have competent help in navigating the minefield that is tort claims.  An out of state attorney will have no power to file a case in the court of jurisdiction in Nevada.  An out of state attorney will have no experience dealing with the nuances of law and procedure that exist in the Nevada court system.  You need a Nevada lawyer who has experience in the type of claim that you have in order to properly and sufficiently protect your interests.

When considering a Nevada attorney to represent you in an injury claim it is recommended that you consider the following:

Experience in the area of tort(negligence) law
Success in settling or litigating such cases
Availability for consultation and communication
Understanding of issues facing injury victims
Ability to work with your medical professionals

Handling your case here, your Nevada lawyer should be able to keep you up to date on the legal status of your case while you and your medical providers keep your Nevada attorney up to date on your medical status.  This cooperation is so important in providing the best possible outcome that could result from your injuries sustained in Nevada.  Your medical providers will need to understand how Nevada Law operates as it relates to their medical billing and how their particular documentation of your care is important in a successful outcome.   There may be cases in which you would need to seek the opinion of a medical professional in the state of Nevada to comment on your medical care and give expert testimony regarding your injuries and care you are receiving.

The goal of any legal relationship with you and your Nevada attorney is to get you well and back in a physical and emotional state that you were in prior to your injury in Nevada.  As long as you seek and follow the recommendations of appropriate medical professionals and you get well, the case is a success already.  Making the liable party pay you for your damages requires substantial effort and collaboration between your medical providers and your Nevada attorney and that should be considered compensation for the interruption to your life and lifestyle.  A successful outcome is based on placing you in the position you were in the minute before your injury or better, remember, this is a symphony of effort made by you, your medical providers and your Nevada attorney.


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