Is it Possible to Find a Free Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

By September 10, 2015Workers' Compensation

Unlike many other types of lawyers, attorneys who handle workers’ compensation issues are unlikely to work for you free of charge. Additionally, low-income legal aid organizations habitually don’t handle cases related to workers’ comp because of how specialized an area that disability and employment law can be. However, just because it’s difficult to find a workers’ compensation lawyer that will work for you without charge, there are ways to find affordable attorneys that will take your workers’ comp case.

Enter the Contingent Fee Arrangement

Disability and employment law revolves primarily around workers who suffer injuries in the workplace that are severe enough to preclude them from working. Many of these employees live close to or under the poverty line, and often can’t afford to hire a lawyer outright if they’re not drawing a steady paycheck. Thankfully, the majority of injury law attorneys – especially workers’ compensation lawyers in Las Vegas – often offer prospective low-income clients a payment structure called a contingent fee arrangement.

In essence, the contingent fee arrangement works like this: a lawyer who agrees to take your case under such an arrangement defers any up-front payments in exchange for a piece of your compensation award if you prevail in your workers’ comp claim. This usually amounts to anywhere between 10 percent to 25 percent based on the laws of the particular state where the compensation claim is based; it also means that the lawyer won’t get paid unless he or she does a good enough job to ensure your case succeeds.

Sometimes it’s Hard to Find a Lawyer, Period

Of course there are some instances where you might not even be able to find any sort of attorney to represent you in your workers’ compensation case. If the injury you received at work is relatively minor and there are nearly no benefits that are being discussed, most contingent fee attorneys wouldn’t take such a case because their payday just isn’t cost-effective. Additionally, if your compensation case doesn’t involve an actual physical reward of cash but simply whether or not your employer will pay medical bills on your part or something similar, there’s simply no way for an attorney to actually make money off of your case – unless you pay them up front, which is usually not an option.

Finally, it may be difficult to find legal representation if you live in a rural or an isolated area that doesn’t have an attorney nearby that’s proficient in representing clients in workers’ compensation. However, this isn’t necessarily the kiss of death for your injury claim, as if your case is strong enough many lawyers will be willing to travel moderate distances in order to represent you. This means that if you can find a lawyer in the closest moderately sized town to your own home, you might have a chance of finding an attorney to help you with your workers’ comp claim after all.

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