Motorcycle Accidents in Las Vegas

By September 11, 2015Personal Injury Blog

Motorcycle accidents can be surprisingly common in Las Vegas. These accidents often entail serious injuries and take place around many the city’s busiest roads.

Where Accidents Occur

Many motorcycle wrecks around Las Vegas take place around the major highways in the region. These include Interstates 15 and 215 as well as the spur route I-515.

In addition, the densely-populated roads around Las Vegas can be filled with traffic of all sorts including not only local traffic but also taxi and bus services plus various pedestrians. This is especially the case with the most densely populated parts of the Strip.

What Causes Are There?

The events that can cause motorcycle accidents around Las Vegas include cases where a rider is speeding. In other cases, the rider might be distracted by a phone or other device and could drive into another lane, speed or cut through a red light or stop sign.

Drivers can also be at risk of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is an especially significant concern with Las Vegas being home to a massive variety of places that sell alcoholic beverages.
Sometimes issues with the roadways around Las Vegas may also be a concern. These include cases where a person’s bike encounters an uneven surface or even a pothole.

Motorcyclists May Be Liable

There are many cases where motorcyclists can be found liable in the accidents they get into. Sometimes a rider might be reckless and not pay attention to what one is doing while on the road. In other cases, that person is not following the speed limit in a spot or is tailgating other vehicles on the road.

There are also times when a motorcycle accident can occur because a rider did not impose due diligence and did not maintain their vehicle. That is, a vehicle’s tires or lights might not have been checked for operation. In other cases, the brakes or other safety features might have worn out and the rider failed to take corrective action.

What Should Be Done After an Accident?

After an accident, all parties should exchange information and take photos of the scene. These include photos of the damaged vehicles, the space where the wreck took place and any injuries that occurred after the wreck.
A proper police report also has to be filed. A report should include details on the timing of the accident and any details on what has happened in this case. The report may be filed with a local police department in the Las Vegas area and can be used in a court hearing if it reaches that stage.

One’s motorcycle must also be preserved as well as possible. While a rider might want to get their bike repaired after the wreck, it is critical for the vehicle to be properly left intact to ensure it can be reviewed in the event that an expert needs to check and see how it works within a court case..

The actions that are to take place following a motorcycle accident in Nevada must be planned with care. All people involved must be medically treated and preserve as much evidence over the accident as possible. This is to allow a fair case to be heard.

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