Myths People Have About Auto Accident Injury Lawsuits

Not all auto accident injury lawsuits in Las Vegas will operate in ways that people expect. There are numerous misconceptions that people need to be aware of as their cases are being handled in a court of law.

Are Injury Laws the Same Everywhere?

All states have their own unique injury laws. For instance, Nevada has a law where at least one party has to be found at fault in a car accident. This means that regardless of what caused the wreck, or how intense it might be, someone must be found at fault to some degree. That person will be responsible for paying off costs relating to injuries and property damage caused by the wreck.

Meanwhile, other states have no-fault policies. This means that an insurance company will pay for the losses caused by an accident regardless of who is really at fault in the wreck. Drivers in Nevada will be subjected to more complicated processes for figuring out who might be at fault during a wreck. Whoever was responsible will have to consult their insurance provider to take care of the damages.

Can You Collect the Same Total Everywhere?

Contrary to what people believe, not all states have the same standards as to what collections may be used based on certain injuries. In Nevada, car accident victims who suffer from permanent disfigurement are interpreted as those who have suffered serious damages that impair one’s physical appearance or ability to perform particular tasks. The loss of body parts, burn scars and paralysis are some examples of permanent disfigurement.

Insurance Companies Don’t Always Settle After a While

Many like to believe that insurance companies are willing to settle with accident victims for higher amounts if they hold out for a while. However, insurance companies can be very unpredictable. In many cases, a company might focus less on one’s timeframe for filing a claim and more on one’s official medical records. The efforts a person makes to actually recover from an injury may also be included in the settlement process.

Can Any Lawyer Handle a Car Accident Case?

There are various attorneys all around Las Vegas who are dedicated to very specific aspects of the law. Some are more experienced with car accident cases than others. These are attorneys who understand the newest judgments and standards within the field and are often more likely to have experience with car insurance companies. They may understand how different insurance providers might try to delay and deny coverage services as a means of retaining as much money as possible from those who have been in wrecks.

In summary, not all lawyers in Las Vegas are willing to take on car accident cases. Anyone who has been involved in an accident should contact a lawyer who specializes in such cases, in order to receive the compensation they are looking for. It is also best to interview a lawyer about a particular case before becoming their client.

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