Nevada Senator Injured by Personal Exercise Equipment

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This week, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) returned to Capitol Hill after being seriously injured in his own home while he was exercising. He was using an exercise band when it suddenly broke and sent him flying into a cabinet. At 75 years old, the resulting injuries have been quite serious: three broken ribs, broken bones around his right eye, and possibly permanent loss of vision. Though he is still recovering, he continues to be active in his role as Senate Minority Leader and communicates daily with his aides and fellow senators.

Luckily, Senator Reid seems to be fine and will recover in time. Still, injuries caused by exercise equipment are common and can be very serious. Our personal injury lawyers at Bighorn Law have seen it all, and if you were recently injured while using an exercise product or machine, you should contact us immediately.

Defective Exercise Products and Product Recalls

Exercise products cause numerous injuries to consumers every year. In fact, two exercise devices were just recently recalled: the SKLZ Recoil 360 and the Fitness Gear Inversion Table. The SKLZ Recoil 360 is a strength and resistance product. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the firm received three reports of the device breaking and snapping back on the person holding the leash. Consumers have been asked to return the product for a free replacement resistance trainer. Users of the Fitness Inversion Tables have reported falling off the tables and sustaining serious injuries, so this product has also been recalled with a full refund. These are the most recent recalls, but recalls happen all the time. Remember to check product recalls regularly, so that you will be aware if a product you are currently using is potentially dangerous.

Can You File a Personal Injury Claim After a Product Recall?

If you are injured by a product that was recently recalled, contact your personal injury lawyer immediately. Just because a product was recalled, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot make a personal injury claim. According to, recalled product cases work similarly to other product liability cases. You and your attorney will have to prove that your specific product was defective, and that the defect was the cause of your injuries. Some courts will allow your attorney to make note of the product recall to help establish how the product was defective, but other courts will not allow this because they believe it will prejudice the jury.

Just because a company has recalled a product, it does not mean they will prevail in a personal injury suit. While you have to prove that your product’s defect caused your injury, the company will have to prove that you knew about the recall but decided to use the product anyway. Either way, a product recall does not mean that you can no longer make a personal injury claim, so if this situation applies to you, contact a personal injury lawyer at Bighorn Law as soon as possible. We will help you get the compensation that you deserve.

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