Non-Traffic Car Injuries Might Not Be Covered By Insurance

By November 11, 2013Personal Injury Blog

We all know that there is a very real possibility of being injured in a car accident. However, there are times when you might sustain a car-related injury that has nothing to do with being in a traffic accident. From hurting yourself while changing a tire to being hit by a piece of cargo not properly stowed and tied down, it’s possible that you receive injury without being involved in a crash.

non-traffic car injuryIn some cases, you might be involved in a car accident, but it might be considered non-traffic, and have different rules applied to it. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are nearly 100,000 injuries due to non-traffic accidents. These are accidents that occur on private roads, with pedestrians in driveways, and in parking lots and garages. On top of that, car-related injuries can result from non-crash situations, including hypothermia, heat stroke, electrocution, overexertion, and other situations.

Will Your Auto Insurance Company Covered Car-Related Injuries?

It’s important to understand that your auto insurance company might not be willing to cover all of the injuries sustained due to your interaction with a vehicle. For the most part, you are only covered if someone is driving the car. This means that if you are injured while working on the car (such as a serious burn when trying to remove the radiator cap) or if you are injured while trying to push your disabled car off the road, your insurance company may not cover you. The damage caused when a car is pushed out of gear, or experiences a brake failure and rolls away without a driver might not be covered.

On the other hand, depending on the coverage you have, you might receive compensation for injuries sustained during a non-traffic crash. If you, as a pedestrian, are hit by a car, the driver’s insurance should cover the cost of your medical bills and rehabilitation. If you are driving and crash into a concrete stanchion and are injured, you might be able to receive compensation from your own insurance company, depending on the coverage you have.

Unfortunately, there are some instances in which you might not receive compensation, even if you are driving the car and suffer injury. It’s important to understand your auto insurance coverage, and make efforts to ensure that you know what is expected of you when filing a claim. You should know what’s covered before you are injured.

Talk to a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

Anytime you are injured — and especially if you aren’t at fault — it’s a good idea to talk to your personal injury attorney. Your lawyer can help you determine whether or not you have a case, and can also help you figure out how much compensation you are entitled to. In many cases, even if the insurance company should compensate you for a car-related injury, it might drag its feet. You might not receive the compensation to which you are entitled, or it might be slow in coming.

In any case, your attorney shows the insurance company that you are well-represented, and serious about getting your due. The right personal injury attorney can help you with paperwork, and can talk to the insurance company on your behalf. In many cases, it’s better if you let your attorney handle the intricacies of insurance company interactions. You might, without knowing, say something, or phrase something, in way that leads the insurance company to reject your claim. It’s a delicate balance to strike, and the insurance company has an interest in paying out as little as possible. Your lawyer can help you get what’s fair.

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