Who Pays if Myself or My Guest Is Injured in My Home?

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Generally if you or your family member is injured while at home, your medical insurance, and not your homeowner’s policy, will pay for your medical expenses.  However, if you have a visitor to your home and he or she is injured in the exact same manner, your homeowner’s insurance will usually foot the bill.   As a homeowner you are liable for injuries in your house that occur to people who do not live in the home, unless the person was acting in a negligent or irresponsible manner.  For example, if someone trips on your stairs, it is likely that you are liable. However, if a person rides a skateboard down your stairs, you are likely not liable.  Your homeowner’s insurance policy was designed to protect you from this kind of liability. Therefore, if a visitor is injured in your home, you will make a claim on your homeowner’s policy for his or her medical expenses.  Most policies will cover the guest’s medical expenses.  Some will cover the person’s lost wages as well.

However, homeowner’s policies are not designed to cover injuries that you or your family members suffer at home. This is because you live in the home. Your medical insurance covers these types of claims.

The best practice to avoid you or your visitor’s suffering an injury at home is to maintain a house that is free from obvious threats to health and safety. This will avoid a lot of heartache and financial loss.  Although you can never make an area completely risk-free, you can remove obvious threats and cut down the opportunity for injury.

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