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By February 18, 2015Personal Injury Blog

car-accident-injuries-200x300.jpgPersonal injury cases are some of the most common in Las Vegas as well as the country at large. However, a lot of times, they can seem like such straightforward proceedings, victims don’t retain legal representation–or at least not the highest quality kind. Instead, they make the mistake of thinking that what seems obvious to them—and maybe even plenty of others—will be enough to get them justice. The truth is that you can never leave something as important as a personal injury case up to chance.

Seeking Damages

When you get hurt because of someone else’s actions, or lack thereof, you may be entitled to damages. This money is meant to repay you for the pain and suffering your injuries have caused, whether that’s because of the expenses you’ve incurred or the physical and mental anguish you’ve gone through. Sometimes, the payout is also meant to punish the defendant.

In any case, this money isn’t just what you rightfully deserve, it’s an amount you may truly need. It’s not fair that you should have to pay twice—once with an injury and again with medical bills, work missed, etc.—because of someone else’s mistake.

Why Experienced Representation Counts

There’s no one type of personal injury case. You could be entitled to damages for all kinds of reasons. Some of the most common personal injuries result from things like:
• Car accidents
• Medical malpractice
• Unsafe properties
• Dog bites

Again, this only scratches the surface. The point, however, is that you need representation who specializes in personal injury cases or you may find that your attorney does you little good.

Specialists don’t just understand the laws governing personal injury. They also have the experience to know about gathering evidence and presenting your case in the best way possible.
While you may know an attorney or know of one that promises the most generous pricing, if they don’t specialize in this form of law, your money is most likely going to be wasted. Worse, though, you’ll end up without the damages you need right now.

The Art of Settling

No one wants to go to court in order to get the other side to agree to a settlement. Going to court is supposed to be about getting justice and all that entails. Unfortunately, sometimes a settlement really is the best option. It can get you your damages much sooner and in many instances, it may be the only way to ensure you actually get them.

Attorneys who lack an expertise in this area can’t hope to secure quality settlements. For one thing, if the other lawyer knows you wouldn’t do well in court, they’ll probably advise their client against settling. Secondly, for the same reason, if they do decide to settle, it probably won’t be for as much as you could have received.

At Bighorn Law, personal injury is one of the areas we’ve become known for. Whether you slipped and fell on someone else’s property or they struck you with their car, we’re passionate about seeing justice done. Call us today at 702-333-1111.

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