Personal Injury Claims Against the State Government

Many people assume that it is impossible to make a claim against the government, but that isn’t the case. Not all personal injury claims involve another individual or a business. In fact, it is possible to bring charges against the government if they show negligence in any way.

A good example of this recently happened in Baltimore, Maryland. A man was taken into custody in a police van, and somehow, between the point where he was arrested and the police station, he suffered a spinal injury so severe that he died. While this case is under investigation and it is unclear as to what happened to the man, what is clear is that he asked for medical attention numerous times. The police officers were negligent and did not provide this to him. As a result, his surviving family will likely have a personal injury claim against the government.

Nevada Laws

If you have a personal injury claim against the state government in Nevada, then there are a few laws that you must understand. To begin with, the two-year statute of limitations still applies. If you do not file your claim within those two years, then you will not be able to file the claim at all.

There is another law in place that you must understand. In a normal personal injury claim, you will take the case to a civil court. That is not the case when you are making a claim against the government. In this case, you will need to file first with the Office of the Attorney General. The case may eventually go to court, but it has to start with the right process.

Facing the Government

When you have a personal injury claim against the government, you can immediately assume that you will be facing a whole team of very experienced attorneys. This isn’t something you should ever deal with on your own. For one thing, you will never be able to stand up against the government and their attorneys. Additionally, you will never be able to learn everything you need to about personal injury laws and how they work. Only an experienced attorney will have the information, knowledge, and experience to go up against the state of Nevada and actually win your case. Don’t take the chance of trying to handle this on your own. If you do, you will likely walk away with nothing, or much less than you deserve.

If you have a personal injury case against the government, don’t worry. If negligence is proven, you can get compensation. However, you will need to hire an attorney who understands the laws and how they differ from what you may expect in other cases. Ensure that you choose a lawyer who has experience with personal injury cases in Nevada specifically, and it would help if you choose someone who has dealt with cases against the government. That way, they can represent you as best possible so that your rights are properly looked after.

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