Problems That May Harm Your Lawsuit

By September 15, 2015Personal Injury Blog

Many people have personal injury lawsuits in the state of Nevada every year. Some of them are more successful than others. One element that is frequently overlooked in a personal injury lawsuit is to plan it out well in advance so you will be more likely to succeed and win your case. You should watch for the many mistakes that can keep a lawsuit from being successful.

Being Dishonest

You must always be truthful during your lawsuit. Any false information that you pass during your lawsuit can potentially void any claims you pose. These include details like inaccurate information on how you’re trying to recover from an injury or when you’re placing an inflated value on your estimated losses. Fake information can end up influencing your case and may make it harder for you to get a proper report filed as demanded.

Being Careless on Social Media

Many attorneys and insurance adjusters around Las Vegas will review your social media accounts to see if you are really injured. They might notice posts on your pages that suggest you are being rather active or that you might not seem as injured as you claim to be. A defense attorney might use your social media posts as evidence suggesting that your injury is not as intense as you claim.

Ignoring Your Doctor

You must pay attention to whatever your doctor wants you to do if you have been injured. Always stick with a therapy routine and attend all appointments you might have with your doctor. Your lawsuit will not work if you don’t show that you are trying to recover from your injury. Your therapists and doctors may be contacted by the defense attorney to confirm if you are actually putting in an effort to recover.

Not Preserving Anything from the Injury

Any medications, braces or casts and even doctor’s x-rays or scans must be preserved. You will be using these as evidence of your injury. Failing to keep these items can keep you from potentially showing a court of law that you were injured in some way, or how severe your injury was.

On a related note, you should document your injury as well as possible. Take pictures of the injury and any surgical procedures you had. Take pictures of the injury on your body as often as needed; try to take pictures each week to show how it is recovering or if there are ever any complications in the area.

Renewing Licenses

It is easy for a defense attorney or other investigator in Clark County to get a good look at the licenses you might have applied for in the past. These include licenses you might have recently renewed. You must avoid renewing or applying for any licenses while your case is going on.

Renewing licenses can be a sign that you are not being as responsible as you should be with regards to recovering from your injury. For instance, you might renew a license to operate a motorcycle even though you claim to be physically injured and unable to properly operate a motorcycle. This looks suspicious and can damage your credibility.

Talking About Your Case

You might be contacted by defense attorneys, insurance companies and others around the Las Vegas area that might be related to the other party involved in your injury case. You need to avoid communicating with these people directly. You should always direct interested parties to your lawyer. Only your lawyer can determine what communications you should have. Being in direct contact with others associated with your case might prove to be dangerous to your individual situation.

You must be extremely cautious when taking care of a lawsuit. You need to observe your behaviors rather carefully if you want your case to work out well.

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