Testimonials From Our Clients

Christopher McRaney was in an automobile accident that left him with injuries to his back that caused significant pain and discomfort. He heard about Bighorn Law through one of his friends who Bighorn was helping also. Christopher was a great client! When the insurance company gave us a hard time and we had to fight back hard, Christopher stuck through in a great way. Christopher wrote to us:

“I enjoyed everyone at the Bighorn office, they’re very professional and kind. I do and will recommend my family and friends to file claims with them over any other law firm.”

Christopher, we think you are great!

They have been so great in helping my mom and my friend. When they call or I call Eva always answers my call or will call me back super fast. Always explains everything so well. I would definitely come to them again.

Nina G., Las Vegas, NV

I have relied on their help in various matters and really like Nathan and Ryan. They care about their clients and will even traverse jungles, endure tropical diseases and cross riot zones to get their injury cases done!

Ryan A., Las Vegas, NV

I have sent several clients to Morris Anderson, all of whom have been extremely satisfied with the firm’s professional service and the results of their cases. The attorneys and staff are very personable and competent.

Jeremy C., Las Vegas, NV

Best guys in town! I highly would recommend this firm to all of my military friends. Thanks for all you do!

Brandi S., South Summerlin, NV

This law firm far exceeeded my expectations! The compassion I was shown blew me away and i would definately refer them to any of my friends and family !!!!

Marcus M., Las Vegas, NV

I’ve gone to Ryan, Nathan, and the team at Bighorn Law for advice and help many times in the past 3 years. They are amazing individuals and I trust their expertise. What I like the most is how they attack every legal challenge from multiple angles. It’s never a question of “is this a simple case?” but rather “how can we get all the facts about this case?”

Ryan taught me about how cases don’t just solve themselves. Instead, he says you have to get out, find all the facts, and tell the WHOLE story. That’s the only way to get the fair amount for the case. It means legwork and dedication. I know these guys have it.

Greg H., Henderson, NV


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