Ryan Anderson Interviews with KNPR Regarding Nevada Ruling on Club Dancers

This week, Ryan Anderson did an interview with KNPR radio to discuss the Nevada Supreme Court’s ruling last week involving club dancers. In the ruling, dancers are considered employees, not independent contractors. This legislation means that thousands of dancers at the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, and other clubs, could be paid millions of dollars in back pay.

In the interview, the host explains that dancers charge customers certain rates, with some dancers making as much as six figures a year. He goes on to ask why it is important for these dancers to be paid as employees as well.

“First of all, it’s the law. We all have to operate within the confines of the Nevada Constitution.” – Ryan Anderson

Anderson also goes on to explain that even though the clubs claim that these dancers may already make a certain amount of money each year, the reality is that these dancers are working to make a living, and in some circumstances are supporting children. And according to Anderson, the ruling that these dancers should be getting paid at least minimum wage is just the beginning, that there are many other legal benefits of being considered an employee rather than an independent contractor. According to Anderson, once someone is considered an employee, many protections automatically kick in, such as sexual harassment protection and workers’ compensation.

This landmark ruling will drastically change the way in which clubs everywhere will operate and employ their dancers. Big Horn Law is encouraging any dancers who believe they may be owed back pay, to contact them to discuss their case.

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