“Sealing” DUI Records in Nevada: How Does It Work?

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Having a DUI on your criminal record may have adverse effects on your life. Anytime a background is required, your DUI conviction will be shown. While background checks are most commonly used for job applications, some colleges and universities also check the legal backgrounds of potential students. Applying for professional licenses may also require background checks, especially medical licenses. Oftentimes, insurance companies do background checks on individuals before certain coverage is approved. A DUI conviction on your record will not look good to a car insurance company. In some cases, landlords will also do background checks before renting to potential tenants.

How DUI Record Sealing Works

Having your DUI conviction legally “sealed” means that all documentation regarding the DUI charges will be invisible to everyone in the public; the only exceptions are law enforcement officials and legal courts. If your DUI conviction is sealed, the following will not be visible during a background check:

Arrest report
Processing records
Judicial dockets
Legal complaints

Each state has different laws for sealing criminal records. In Nevada, you must wait 7 years after your DUI case is closed before you can apply for it to be legally sealed. If your DUI was a felony, you must wait 15 years. Once the legal process starts for sealing a DUI record, it may take up to a year for it to be completed.

Am I Eligible?

In Nevada, there are several requirements or standards that must be met before you can apply for DUI record sealing.

a. Your DUI conviction did not require time in prison. However, if you served time in a city or county jail, you are still eligible to apply for DUI record sealing.

b. Your current record must be absent of any pending criminal charges or court cases.

c. All probation conditions must be met (alcohol education programs, incarceration, community service, fees or fines, etc.) However, if you are still in a probationary period, your criminal defense attorney may be able to legally petition for any early release.

d. You must only have one conviction on your record. No priors.

What are the Benefits?

Having your DUI conviction legally sealed will benefit you immensely should your background be checked by a potential employer or other entity. If your DUI sealing case is approved, you are allowed to legitimately deny its existence. For instance, most job applications will ask if you have ever been convicted of a crime. If your DUI conviction is legally sealed, you are allowed to state that you have never been convicted of a crime. Only government entities and law enforcement agencies will be able to see your DUI conviction.

Seek Legal Assistance

If you have a DUI conviction on your record, that may be the deal breaker in landing a job or even renting a home. The stigma with DUI convictions can sometimes be impossible to overcome, especially when dealing with employers or professionals. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney if you meet the eligibility requirements for sealing DUI convictions, as an experienced attorney will be able to petition on your behalf.

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