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With Las Vegas being one of the top tourist destinations in the world, it is no wonder that it is home to some of the largest hotels and resorts. These hotels are run by hardworking individuals who dedicate themselves to serving others with the utmost hospitality and care. However, accidents and injuries do happen and sometimes they are serious.

From trip and fall accidents, assault and battery, and everything in between, both hotel employees and guests face a number of hazards in hotel environments. If you have been involved in some type of accident while at a hotel, it is in your best interest to contact a hotel injury attorney immediately.

In many cases, sustaining injuries not only means acquiring medical bills, but it may also mean missing work. As soon as you are injured, seek medical attention right away. No matter how minor you think your injury is, do not let the cost of treatment prevent you from getting checked out by a health professional – Bighorn Law will work to get you reimbursed later.

Injured Guests

If you are a guest at a hotel, the hotel is responsible for ensuring reasonable safety while you are on its property. Whether it means putting up “Caution: Wet Floor” signs or ensuring that there are available fire escape exits, hotels are legally responsible for providing safe conditions for its employees and patrons.

Even if a hotel employee injures a guest, the hotel can still be held liable for the actions of its employee. Regardless of whether hotel management knew about an incident or had no control over it, the hotel can still be held legally responsible for its employees’ behavior towards its guests.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a guest’s injury, the hotel may be considered negligent. This means that the hotel failed to provide adequate safety for its guest, and this negligence directly caused an accident and injury.

Injured Employees

If you are an employee at a hotel and you were injured in some way, be sure to contact the hotel injury attorneys at Bighorn Law. Injuries can be caused in a number of ways, similar to those for guests. Whether an aggressive co-worker attacks you, or you are injured by simply doing your job, the hotel may be liable if it was negligent in some way. As with guest injuries, employees have the same rights to receiving compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and even emotional pain and suffering.

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The attorneys at Bighorn Law specialize in personal injury litigation and will stand by your side to get you the justice you deserve. Bighorn Law will ensure that you can keep your job and will work with insurance companies to get you every dollar that you are entitled to. Without legal representation, insurance companies can take advantage of your case and prevent you from getting the compensation that is rightly yours. Never pursue a lawsuit without an attorney, as you could harm your chances of receiving fair settlements.

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