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If you have been injured in a bike accident, whether in Las Vegas or while visiting another town, you may need a competent Las Vegas bicycle accident attorney on your side to help you make sure you get the treatment and compensation that you need. When you’ve been hurt on your bicycle, medical bills can pile up and severe injuries can require an extended period of recovery involving rehabilitation, medication, and more. Jobs are sometimes lost, and long-lasting disability can result. An experienced bicycle accident attorney can help you see all your options and help you chart a course to recovery and independence. Call Morris Anderson Law now to have a free and fair assessment of your situation and how we can help. (702) 333-1111

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Bicycle accidents are often some of the most tragic. A biker is relatively unprotected and so an accident involving a car can have devastating consequences. Even road obstacles such as potholes and construction hazards can cause bicycle riders to have horrible accidents that leave the rider injured for extended periods. If you are the victim of a bicycle accident due to the negligence of another, you can get fair compensation for your injuries, as well as for the challenges you may face in the future.

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After a bike injury, you may be wondering if you are doing the right things. Are you choosing the best doctors, dentists, etc. Will you require rehab and will those professionals understand your own unique concerns or will you be treated as a number? Morris Anderson Law works with only the best bike accident doctors and professionals, and we fight to get every penny covered by the insurance companies.

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What to look for in a Las Vegas bicycle accident attorney.

A skilled Las Vegas bicycle accident attorney will review all the information regarding the accident which lead to your injuries. An experienced attorney will know how to determine exactly who is at fault for the hazards which contributed to your accident, whether caused by a vehicle or road hazard. Your attorney will know how to calculate future monetary challenges, and an appropriate value for those future losses. Your financial difficulties may not be limited to medical expenses, but may include the pain and suffering you endure, the loss of a job, therapy in the future, and more. A powerful bicycle attorney will have experience dealing with the insurance companies to make sure they don’t try to give you the bare minimum payment.

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