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Being injured in a hit and run accident can be devastating.

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Being injured in a hit and run accident can be devastating. The driver leaves the scene after causing injury or even death, and leaves questions about who will pay for things like medical expenses, lost wages, and ongoing treatment. If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed in a hit and run accident, you need a powerful Las Vegas hit and run lawyer to help you navigate the complex legal system and help you find fair compensation.

Morris Anderson Law is a firm of experienced Las Vegas hit and run lawyers with a history of standing up for their clients. We can help you understand your options and how to find fair compensation, even when the at-fault driver can not be found.

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Why do drivers leave the scene of a hit and run?

Some of the common reasons drivers leave the scene of a hit and run include:

  • The driver was impaired, drowsy or distracted and knows he was at fault.

  • The driver was unlicensed, or driving with a suspended, revoked licence.

  • The driver was uninsured.

  • The driver lacked legal citizenship status.

  • The driver had outstanding warrants.

  • A sense of self-preservation.

  • The accident happened while street racing, driving a stolen vehicle, or otherwise engaged in illegal activities..

  • Aggressive driving.

  • Youthful indecision and fear.

Many times the at-fault party can be found and damages can be recovered from their insurance company. When this doesn’t happen, though, there are still options available to the victims of Las Vegas hit and run accidents.

Only your local, Las Vegas hit and run lawyer has your best interests at heart. The insurance companies want to limit their losses, so they will always offer the minimum they think you’ll accept. The guilty parties responsible for the hit and run are interested in protecting themselves. Make sure that you have a team of professional and powerful experts on your side. You don’t have to endure this alone.

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