Motorcycle Accidents

You should not bear the burden of the responsibility or the pain of a motorcycle accident alone.

You should not bear the burden of the responsibility or the pain of a motorcycle accident alone. When you are injured due to the negligence of others it is important that you seek assistance from a competent motorcycle accident attorney. An attorney can fight for your rights and protect you from unfair practices of insurance companies and medical practitioners. An attorney can help you keep your job and take a stand with you and your family during difficult times.

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents are on the rise according to reports from the Center of Disease Control (CDC). From 2001 to 2008 there was a 55% increase in motorcycle accidents and fatalities. During this same period accidents involving cars and light-trucks has declined. If you are injured in a motorcycle it is likely that you will face prejudice from insurance companies, accident investigators, and other motorists.

It is common for motorcyclists to be blamed for accidents because even today bikers are seen as a criminal element and the added skill and danger involved in riding is stigmatized. We all know that bikers are as careful and courteous as any other motorist, more so because they know the dangerous of the road in a personal way. If you are injured by the negligence of another motorist it is important to fight the biker stigma from the moment investigators arrive. An experienced attorney can fight for you to protect your rights and keep stigma and prejudice from misplacing blame on you.

Insurance companies

Insurance companies are businesses that answer to shareholders. They are in the business of making money first and taking care of people second. They will often use unscrupulous tactics to settle for the least amount possible. An experienced attorney can intervene on your behalf to avoid being bullied or becoming the victim of loopholes. From the initial motorcycle accident report to the extent of injuries and damages, an attorney can help the insurance company understand the seriousness of your situation and find an appropriate settlement.

The insurance company wants to settle fast and move on to protect their bottom line. You need an experienced attorney on your side that can help navigate through costs and jargon to get you what you deserve and make sure that you receive the coverage promised by the insurance company. If a motorcycle accident occurs it is important to deal with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. Bighorn Law helps injured motorcycle riders find justice. Call us now at (702) 333-1111.

Motorcycle injuries

Because of the nature of motorcycles, an accident on the road can cause much more damage than a similar accident in a car or truck. When you are injured on a motorcycle the damage can easily cripple or maim. Medical costs can skyrocket as surgeries, care, and rehabilitation are added up. An experienced attorney can navigate the medical field and find the best people to ensure your continued care and proper rehabilitation. Family and friends can be stressed by accidents and you may be in no condition to make decisions about your care. It is important to have a reasoned and experienced voice that can guide medical decisions and help you return to a fully functional life as quickly as possible.

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident it can cause devastation to your health and your way of life. Costs can accrue quickly after medical bills and repairs to your motorcycle. But even outside of the immediate costs of the accident itself there are hidden costs in the loss of functionality and time. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you receive money for you and your family to live on until you can return to work. They can aide you in keeping your job and returning to work.

When injured by the negligence of another you need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to help you receive proper compensation so that you can return to your life quickly and fully. Motorcycle accidents can be more devastating than other motor vehicle accidents and it takes specialized know-how to navigate the rules and regulations associated with them. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you to understand your rights.

Attorneys exist for a reason and that reason is to help people to seek proper compensation from accidents and incidents. An attorney uses knowledge of the law to gain proper settlement from insurance companies. They can find the right doctors and medical personnel to aid with injuries. And they can intervene when companies and individuals try to blame you for their mistakes. Because of the extra skill required to ride, and differences in features of a motorcycle, a motorcycle accident attorney is needed to help you get back to your life. They fight for your benefit in tough times to keep you and yours safe.

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