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A wrongful death is a painful experience that is often financially devastating. The family has significant medical expenses, final expenses for the deceased, and a loss of years of income and benefits.

While there is no legal remedy for the family’s pain, the law allows the spouse or children of the deceased to seek monetary compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

What is Wrongful Death?

When someone dies in an accident that is the fault of a third party, it is a wrongful death. The third party can be a driver in a car crash, a building owner responsible for many types of conditions, a creator of a faulty product, or any person responsible for a situation which caused a wrongful death.

Here are some common cases in which wrongful death arises:

  • Auto, motorcycle or boating accident, especially one that is alcohol-related
  • Product failure causes a death
  • Unsafe facility causes an accident, leading to death
  • Medical malpractice

Wrongful death law compensates the family when someone dies in an accident.

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Wrongful Death Compensation

The law compensates those whose loved one died based on several factors:

  • Medical and funeral expenses associated with the death
  • Lost income, benefits or financial support from the deceased
  • Loss of love and care suffered by the survivor
  • Punitive damages for the party at fault

A wrongful death suit can provide families security after a loss.

Proving Wrongful Death in Las Vegas

A wrongful death suit alleges that the defendant caused a death through their malpractice or negligence.

Insurance companies and defendant do anything they can under the law to minimize their payouts when an accident occurs. They will downplay the seriousness of the situation. They will try and make it seem like it wasn’t their fault, or argue that it was the fault of the injured person. They have tremendous financial and legal resources at their disposal to push back against the claim. Your legal team needs the experience to know how to fight these tactics.

To prove wrongful death, police and medical reports are analyzed. Eyewitness interviews and expert testimony are key. Your legal team needs the knowledge and resources to prove that wrongful death occurred and that the defendant was responsible. Finally, whether the case is concluded in a meeting room or a court room, you need a team with toughness to fight for you.

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