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Introduction to the Nevada Workers’ Compensation System

When you are injured while at work in Nevada, there is a special system designed by the State and apart from the normal courts to pay for medical care and provide compensation for your injury. Plainly put, you can’t sue your employer when you get hurt on the job in Nevada. However, that does not mean you have no legal rights as an injured or sick worker. You should meet with a skilled Workers’ Compensation lawyer to discuss all your options.

As part of the Workers’ Comp system, Nevada requires all employers to buy workers’ compensation insurance and the state government in turn regulates and manages all claims for medical treatment and compensation for persons hurt while on the job.

Nevada state law governs workers’ compensation claims. These laws provide relief for injured workers for medical bills, vocational rehabilitation, permanent partial disability awards, and temporary total disability benefits.

The complete set of Nevada’s worker’s compensation laws are found in the Nevada Revised Statutes Chapters 616A-D (know as the Nevada Industrial Insurance Act) and in Chapter 617 (known as the Nevada Occupational Disease Act) and supplemented by NAC 616 and 617.

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